Nov. 13 2013 09:02 AM

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Outrageous design

The problem with the poorly designed new central library ["Editorial," Oct. 2] is not that it lacks any cohesion, or that the materials and finishes are drab, or that it has now permanently scarred modern architecture in San Diego—the problem is that it anesthetizes the public into accepting mediocrity as triumph.

Rob Quigley and Tucker Sadler have managed to completely squander a project that was gifted to them and dump a nine-story adobe bomb shelter into the middle of the East Village. Anyone who advocated or fought for this library to be built should be outraged.

Jimmy Sullivan, Hillcrest

Zimmerman's surreal rant

It is deeply disappointing to read Frances O'Neill Zimmerman's bizarrely misguided rant ["Letters," Oct. 9] against the campaign of Donna Frye and others to expose the malignant misbehavior of former Mayor Bob Filner. Like Zimmerman, I was a strong Filner supporter and share her frustration with the damage he inflicted on progressive politics in San Diego. But get a grip! Frye & Co. did not "unseat a duly-elected mayor." Filner destroyed himself.

It is surreal for Zimmerman to cite Frye for "hubris" or a "distorted sense of extra-legal personal power" to inflict "human wreckage." Filner is the poster child for those traits! But it is worse, and stunningly callous toward Filner's numerous female victims, for Zimmerman to falsely accuse Frye of "extra-legal" maneuvering. Frye exercised her constitutional rights to free speech and to invoke the lawful machinery of our justice system, which will now adjudicate Filner's conduct as it should.

Without Frye's courageous efforts (at considerable cost and no conceivable gain for her), Filner's victims might never have gotten their day in court. Would Zimmerman prefer it that way?

Bryan H. Wildenthal, Point Loma

More information, please

John R. Lamb had a good point in his "The transparency game" column of Nov. 6 ["Spin Cycle"]. He mentioned that Nathan Fletcher refused to release his college transcripts. He also mentioned that Kevin Faulconer's past job experience is a bit of a mystery.

I just recently viewed the city of San Diego employment website. It seems that most jobs require people to submit their college degree(s) and transcripts. Everyone submits their work history when applying for jobs. They also submit job-related references. The same requirements are true for the county of San Diego.

How about making it a requirement for political candidates in the city and county of San Diego to provide at least as much information and history as job candidates? This should be done in writing when they submit their applications for candidacy, and it can be published for their prospective employers (the residents of San Diego) to review.

Lastly, how about also including a drug test?

Ronald Harris, Scripps Ranch

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