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Weekly crossword by Ink Well Xwords


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1. Cookbook conversion chart abbr.

4. Guy de Maupassant novel published in English as "The History of a Scoundrel"

10. Adam's family member

14. Court

15. Mick's first wife

16. Science fiction achievement award name

17. Two-time Super Bowl MVP quarterback

19. One who can do no wrong, perhaps

20. Support for the arts?

21. WHO concern since the early 2000s

23. Site of tension between the Koreas

24. Hiccup

27. "You ___!" ("Natch!")

29. Respectful Japanese title

30. Highest place where trees grow, on a mountain

33. Cheddar

35. Wet spot of sorts

36. Feature shared by "iPhones" and "ObamaCare," and what can found in 17-, 30-, 43-, and 59-Across

41. Sam who did not direct the 2013 reboot of "Evil Dead"

42. "The Divine ___" (Bette Midler debut)

43. Modern gaming machines

46. "I Can ___ Cheezburger?"

49. O.J.'s "Naked Gun" co-star

50. One in an open, say

53. Reuters rival, for short

54. Humorist Bombeck

56. Top

57. Celebrate a championship by destroying your city, say

59. Gawk

62. Spiny African plant

63. Releases gas, perhaps, as a volcano

64. The French way?

65. Chastity device

66. Luisiana, e.g.

67. Thing spread in bed: Abbr.


1. Twitter friends, casually

2. Toyota mid-sized coupe

3. "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" monster-   

4. Hoops

5. "Ich bin ___ Berliner"

6. Limited group of computer connections, 

7. Spanish liqueur

8. QB Donovan dissed by Rush Limbaugh a year before taking his team to the Super Bowl

9. "With you there"

10. What yellowfin tuna may be sold as

11. Nirvana fan?

12. Swelling head issue

13. Interweb amusement, as it were

18. 2009 NYC Marathon winner Keflezighi

22. Lengths of leather for shaving

25. Fancy-pants British prep school for boys

26. Kunis who is reportedly Ashton's girlfriend

28. Thing submitted to an insurance company

31. Swedish city across the water
from Copenhagen

32. Certification for aliens: Abbr.

33. Rickrolling, "I Like Turtles," etc.

34. Baseball bird

36. Hip-hop impresario Gotti

37. Grinding tool

38. Where one might see sea stars

39. Put in a footnote

40. Part of AMA, ALA, or ADA

44. "Yes ____, Bob!"

45. Extremely cute tree-hoppers

46. They're gonna do what they do so just turn your head away and hold your palm out

47. Directorial phrase

48. So psyched

51. Human trunk

52. "The monster is coming this way!"

53. Modern airport profilee (*sigh*)

55. Stand next to

58. Electronic musician Four ___

60. Compound banned from some plastics, for short

61. Crew's best guess: Abbr.


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