Thirsty Moon Records will shut its doors in about two weeks. The Hillcrest store, which opened in 2005, announced via a Facebook post that its final day of business will be Sunday, Dec. 1.

"It is with heavy hearts that we are letting you know that we will be closing down Thirsty Moon Records," the post reads. "We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our friends, families and customers who have supported and helped us over the past 8+ years."

Co-owner Mike Eginton tells CityBeat that the motivation to close was primarily a financial one.

"It's just not sustaining monetarily," Eginton says. "We've been pretty slow for the last couple years, and we've thought about closing."

In addition to the financial burden of keeping the store open, Eginton and co-owner Mario Rubalcaba both perform in psychedelic-rock band Earthless, which makes it even harder to devote their time to the store. Still, Eginton admits that the decision wasn't an easy one to reach.

"It's hard to give it up," he says. "But we've come to a point now where Jeff [McDaniel, co-owner] and I have families, and between that and touring in Earthless, having the store is just too much."

Eginton, McDaniel and Rubalcaba opened the store—which specializes in hard-to-find punk, garage, psychedelic rock, jazz, soul and metal records—in 2005. And before the shop finally closes its doors for good, there will be a sale to clear out inventory and possibly some sort of final celebration.

Though Thirsty Moon's closing is bittersweet, Eginton has only positive things to say of the experience.

"It's been rad," he says. "I have no complaints and no regrets. 

"It's just the right time to end."

Jesus A.D. have changed their name to Trips. The group had been performing under the name Jesus A.D. since 2012, but guitarist / singer Jakob McWhinney tells CityBeat that it was just a temporary name they chose before they played their first show.

"We've evolved into a different band than we started out as," he says.

The band is at work on some new demos and will play at Tin Can Ale House on Saturday, Nov. 16.

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