Nov. 27 2013 10:01 AM

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In his film review in last week's issue, Glenn Heath Jr. mistakenly wrote that the first Hunger Games movie came out in 2010. It was released in 2012. We're sorry for the error.

A better homelessness question

The one and only correct answer to the question on homelessness ["Editorial," Oct. 30] is "that is a bullshit question." Any person with half a brain understands that it will not be any one or combination of programs that the city of San Diego can enact that will "solve" the homeless problem. It requires actions at all levels of government, business, NGOs and the public to create the society where homelessness no longer exists.

The question that should have been asked is, "What do you consider is the problem with the homeless population?" The answer to that question will not only be an excellent barometer on how the candidate will address homeless people in our city but also give us insights into how that person will govern. If that question was asked, I suspect that Kevin Faulconer would say it's the effect it has on Downtown businesses—no one would want to go to a restaurant or Realtor if there was a homeless person standing in front—and David Alvarez responding that it's the damage that occurs to those who are homeless, the effect it has on a parent who can't provide housing for a child, the child who is made to feel worthless or the vet who has given up.

And those answers will tell us how they will address the problem, ranging from making the homeless invisible so they won't interfere with business to working on the root causes of homelessness so the problem will go away.

Barry Pulver, Rancho Penasquitos

Who's next on Decker's hit list?

May I assume that the next belief system Mr. Decker will viciously attack will be Islam and Mohammad, just like he did with the Catholic faith and the Pope in his Nov. 13 "Sordid Tales" column? If he's still alive after attacking Islam, then he can turn his hate speech on the Jewish, then Sikh, then Buddhist, then Baptist inter alia belief systems. After all, equality of outcomes is the hallmark of a progressive world outlook, a world outlook espoused by San Diego CityBeat.

Lou Cummings, La Jolla

Wouldn't vote for Peters

Regarding your Nov. 13 editorial about Scott Peters' recent vote on the Affordable Care Act (ACA): Essentially, Peters voted to gut the ACA since the ACA can't function with a parallel market that doesn't have to adhere to the ACA. Your editorial put it perfectly!

I don't live in Peters' district, but I surely wouldn't vote for him if I did. Hopefully, the Dems can find a more representative candidate next time around.

Hope Nelson, Carlsbad

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