Dec. 3 2013 07:21 PM

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The slow-moving church

In reply to Edwin Decker's Nov. 13 "Sordid Tales" column, "The wonderfully absurd reasons chicks can't be priests," even I found it delightful. 

Each church is different. Suprisingly, some older and more conservative religions recognize women as worthy of higher offices of the church. Muslims recognize women as Imams. The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints (Mormons) still refuse to recognize women as bishops (priests) and have yet to assign women their higher offices. The Episcopal Church recognizes women as priests, and Mary Glasspool is one of two female Episcopal bishops and is openly gay. Barbara Harris was ordained as a bishop by the Episcopal Church in 1989. Incidentally, Douglas Theuner was ordained to the office of bishop by the Episcopal Church and is openly gay, as well. Judaism recognizes women as clergy, as does the Hindu faith. Buddhism does, as do Protestants, Seventh Day Adventists and Jehovah's Witnesses. Going back centuries, the Egyptians and Ancient Greeks did so, as well. 

Most recently and most interestingly is the NSA's interest in the conclave of the Catholic Church and the appointment of Pope Francis. Conclave is the process through which the College of Catholic Cardinals choose the Pope. Before that, the NSA spied on Pope Benedict. Both Bush / Cheney and Obama / Biden ran surveillance through the NSA, according to the documents released by both Edward Snowden and in the Electronic Frontier Foundation lawsuit. The Bush / Cheney machine ran media blackouts on all of Benedict's antiwar speeches. It was not until Benedict achieved popularity and national coverage that he pierced the veil. His position on Syria and Putin's intervention in that conflict likely saved us from another Afghanistan. 

The Catholic Church is one of the few organizations that instills moral fiber in a world that teaches deviance and is filled with negative messages. The church moves slowly, but it does move. Check out the Vatican website. You may find it interesting. The church has been ridden with scandal in years past. Pope Francis is a breath of fresh air. Let's give them a break. 

James Fatchett, Cortez Hill 

Bravo to Dave Maass

Your whiney Nov. 13 editorial is the "something [that] stinks," together with the left-handed Spin Cycle's use of mangled metaphors and a surfeit of sporting allusions in "Running on fumes."

Neither piece takes account of Dave Maass' original reportage, in "No Life Offline," concerning the truly alarming use of tricky-use, third-party websites in the candidates' fundraising operations. "In fact," Maass concludes, "all the mayoral candidates are championing transparency in government, but none are exhibiting transparency with how they use your data." 

Your pieces are too much like Frances Zimmerman's bizarrely humorous rants, rather than logical, successful statements. Bravo to Dave Maass upon his unearthing real dirt!

Tom Edwards, North Park

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