Wild Wild Wets
Photo by Nicole Espina

On Friday the 13th, the freaks will take over.

The inaugural San Diego Freak Out is happening at The Casbah on Friday, Dec. 13, the first in a series of events aimed at showcasing a diverse range of local and touring artists who share a similarly dark, psychedelic vibe.

Wild Wild Wets will headline the first Freak Out, and Wets frontman Mike Turi, who organized the first event, says he has plans to build it into something bigger over time.

"We're trying to make small get-togethers, and we'll see what happens," Turi tells CityBeat. "Ideally, in a year, I'd like to do an all-day festival."

While the first Freak Out is happening at The Casbah, the overall idea isn't tied to a specific venue. Turi says he'd like to move it around to different types of spaces, including warehouses, theaters, the desert and "in space."

Other bands playing the first event include Amerikan Bear, Shiva Trash and Marqay. And while there's no defining style, "there's definitely a dark side" to the bands Turi envisions playing the series.

"There's a lot of bands that could end up fitting into the vision we're seeing," he says, citing local bands like Tropical Popsicle, JOY and Barbarian.

For now, San Diego Freak Out is focused on local bands in local venues, but Turi says he wants to involve touring bands in future installments and is open to holding it in other Southern California cities. Tentatively, the next event will be an outdoor show in Ocotillo in early 2014.

Whatever the venue or lineup, Turi says he wants San Diego Freak Out to be something more engaging than a typical rock show.

"A lot of shows that get booked, you'll have three bands that sound the same," Turi says. "That's not really fun. It's cool to offer something a little different.

"I just want this to be a little more exciting."

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