Dec. 18 2013 05:35 PM

Ohio band performs 'Pink Champagne' on the MTS


Crass commercialization, awkward family get-togethers, forced fun, obligatory charity—these are just some of the reasons the holiday season can be such a drag. Now, we don't recommend wallowing in sadness, but sometimes indulging in a somber tune is the most effective way to escape the aggressive holiday spirit.

In this episode of A Trolley Show, Lovedrug—a Canton, Ohio group—perform "Pink Champagne." Given the celebratory title, it'd be easy to conjure New Year's Eve, party hats and streamers. Instead, we get a driving anthem of longing that leaves the possibility of a romantic relationship up in the air. But if there's a better description for New Year's Eve, we don't know it.


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