Dec. 23 2013 03:00 PM

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A fan of Belfer

Thanks for providing a relief from the tyranny of Dougie-Boy Manchester. What an unbelievable ass that guy is. Did you see those full-page ads that the fool put in the U-T congratulating himself on the "nice guy" award that he gave himself? I felt like writing him and saying that I vastly preferred the issue a week or so earlier in which there were four blank pages in the front section. This was probably just a printing error, but I like to believe they just had nothing to print that day, since most of their staff seems to be in charge of waiting for AP stuff to come in, then just pasting it between the erectile-dysfunction and hip-replacement ads. What a sick joke that paper's become.

Anyway, I couldn't find Aaryn Belfer's e-mail address on your site, so I'd like you to pass along a message to her:

I really enjoy the voice you bring to your column. Somehow your crankiness makes me feel "sunshinier" ["Backwards & in High Heels," Nov. 20]. I also have my own brand of pessimism, but I rarely get to express it fully—except in my comments on The New York Times online and an occasional e-mail to the White House.

The world needs intelligent naysayers, too. Humans would go extinct within 50 years if we had only positive people. It seems that as time goes on, everyone gets caught deeper in the polarity trap with what they say. Everything is either great or shit, and little effort is taken to explain why. I hadn't heard of "Thankful November," and I'm glad I found out about it through you and not some silly marketing campaign. I respect any woman willing to consider shot-putting a kitten in print, even if it's only in jest.

Because of you, I looked up baby platypuses on YouTube. You're right—they're adorable. Last Christmas, I got my mom a stuffed platypus, mostly because it was cutely humble-looking sitting there in City Lights among all the eye-searing kitsch. Maybe you need one this Christmas? I don't remember the brand, but it was one of those allegedly "collectable" ones. I cut the damn tag off first thing.

I dedicated a Ginger Rogers video on YouTube to you once, about six weeks ago after your replacement column for Edwin Decker ran. That was a really good one. Keep up the good work.

Galen Sherwood

Let them pay for it

Excellent commentary on U-T San Diego ["Editorial," Dec. 4]. I had been a 20-plus-year subscriber to the U-T and canceled it shortly after Manchester bought it. Many of my neighbors did likewise. If Manchester wants a new stadium, let him and Spanos partner and build it. Oh, and let them provide the maintenance funding, too. We taxpayers want our streets, water and sewer lines  maintained, along with restoring library and rec-center hours as the top priority.

Jarvis Ross, Point Loma 

North / south

Regarding your Dec. 4 editorial about U-T San Diego: Does Doug Manchester own water interests in Northern California? Why would he want the south to depend on the north? The split is not at all in our interests but would be a grand gift to the northerners. It was good in the Civil War, but not in Paradise.

Saul Gritz, Hillcrest

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