Dec. 31 2013 12:06 PM

From Miley Cyrus' twerk to Bob Filner being a jerk, here's a puzzle for San Diego's news junkies

crossword final

In San Diego journalism circles, there's a common trope that all national stories have some sort of local tie to our city. This year was no exception, from San Diego turning up in the NSA scandal and kicking off an interstate manhunt to Bob Filner becoming the butt of every late-night host's monologue. For readers obsessively following along, here's our annual roundup crossword puzzle to test your current-events knowledge. 

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4. This San Diego tech giant announced that Steve Mollenkopf would succeed Paul Jacobs as its next CEO

6. The adopted name of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the new Pope

8. Weather phenomenon that killed between 20 and 25 people in Moore, Okla., in May

9. Toronto has a mayor who smokes this

12. Anthony Weiner's online identity: Carlos _____

14. It lasted from Oct. 1 through 16

15. One of two of the former mayor's signature moves: "The Filner _____" 

17. They asked what the fox says

18. Inspectors found 1,300 tons of chemical weapons in this country

20. Supreme Court justice who wrote the majority opinion upholding Prop. 8

21. After receiving a 35-year prison sentence, Bradley Manning changed his first name to this

22. For the second time, he came in third in the San Diego mayor's race

29. MTV didn't block the twerking, but they did censor this word from Miley Cyrus' VMA performance

30. The Navy bribery scandal unfolding in San Diego revolves around a guy nicknamed "Fat ______"

33. The former mayor's other signature move: "The Filner ________" 

34. Six-month-old son of Prince William and Duchess Kate

37. Jeff Olson was prosecuted by the city for using this substance to draw on the sidewalk in front of banks

38. Robin Thicke song that UT-TV turned into a spoof on Filner

39. Restaurant that put up a sign barring service to Filner


1. Funny first name of Chargers' coach who was fired this year

2. The group behind the hit "Get Lucky"

3. San Diego-area representative who held hearings on the Benghazi and IRS "scandals"

5. Ex-Mayor Maureen O'Connor allegedly blew a nonprofit's money on this casino video game

7. NSA contractor turned whistleblower, currently in asylum in Russia

10. Local nonprofit media organization whose employees voted to unionize

11. Last name of Dzhokhar and Tamerlan, the (alleged?) Boston Marathon bombers

13. Gloria ____, who represented one of the highest-profile women suing Filner

16. Month during which San Diego held the car-free event "CicloSDias"

19. "Justice for _______" is a poster you would've seen at a march after George Zimmerman was acquitted

22. Network that fired Paula Deen for using the N-word to describe African-Americans

23. A San Diego woman almost fainted while standing behind the president during a press conference about

24. Former Homeland Security chief who became president of the University of California

25. An ultimate Frisbee team recorded a "____ Shake" video on a plane heading to San Diego

26. Neighborhood where El Take It Easy and Sea Rocket closed and Jack in the Box renovated

27. Devastating CNN documentary about orcas at SeaWorld

28. Architectural feature of Rob Quigley's central-library roof

31. The visiting team in the only local NFL blackout this season

32. In a new film, Idris Elba plays this South African leader, who died in December

35. The San Diego Film Critics Society named Alfonso Cuarón "Best Director" of 2013 for this film

36. San Diego kidnapper James Lee DiMaggio was found and shot dead in this state

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