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Myron & E, Joshua White, Sylvan Esso and all the other shows we're stoked about this week

A Minor Forest

Wednesday, Feb. 5

PLAN A: Peggy Sue, The Mariner's Children (solo), Voice Actor @ Soda Bar. British duo Peggy Sue do reverb-laden indie folk that can stand up to the best of them, with just enough atmospheric darkness to add a little mystery. Check out their 2012 album Peggy Sue Play the Songs of Scorpio Rising, in which they cover the '50s and '60s classics featured in the Kenneth Anger film from 1963. PLAN B: Lucius, You Won't @ The Casbah. Lucius is not a person; it's a Brooklyn-based band that isn't particularly loyal to one style of music. In a general sense, they're indie rock, but from there it's a wild ride, with lots of stunning vocal harmonies for good measure. BACKUP PLAN: Branches, Dresses, Cumulus @ The Loft at UCSD.

Thursday, Feb. 6

PLAN A: Myron & E, The Heavy Guilt @ Seven Grand. Los Angeles hip-hop outpost Stones Throw has launched at least one successful R&B / soul career since its founding, namely Aloe Blacc. But retro-soul duo Myron & E is definitely another team to watch, tackling string-laden Motown-style jams and dreamy psychedelic soul. This show's going to be a knockout. PLAN B: Delorean, Until the Ribbon Breaks @ The Casbah. Barcelona's Delorean play an intriguing blend of dance and electro sounds. They'll incorporate some Balearic beats here, a little bit of Kraftwerk-style synth there and plenty of big hooks all around. No need to wait until the weekend to get your dance party started. 

Friday, Feb. 7 

PLAN A: A Minor Forest, Rob Crow's Gloomy Place, Lesser @ The Casbah. A Minor Forest released only one studio album during their brief time together—1998's Inindependence. But it's a doozy, intertwining the moody post-rock of Slint with the off-kilter abrasiveness of Shellac. Basically, if mid- to late-'90s post-rock or post-hardcore ever consumed much of your precious listening time, then you'd better make it down to see this show. PLAN B: Joshua White (((Codes))) @ The Loft at UCSD. For this special Black History Month event, pianist Joshua White leads a performance that mixes jazz and spoken word, featuring poetry from Langston Hughes, Amiri Baraka and others. This is the place to be if your Friday night is in need of some heart, soul and history. BACKUP PLAN: Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion, Miner, El Monte Slim @ Soda Bar.

Saturday, Feb. 8

PLAN A: Oneohtrix Point Never, Dawn of MIDI @ The Irenic. Read this week's cover story on Oneohtrix Point Never, the conceptual electronic project of Brooklyn's Daniel Lopatin, who specializes in disorienting but highly fascinating ambient soundscapes. PLAN B: The Pack A.D., The Frights, Requiem for the Rockets @ The Loft at UCSD. It's not always easy to create a full, booming sound with just two musicians, but Vancouver's The Pack A.D. pretty much have it down. Their rock anthems aren't fancy, but they definitely kick ass. BACKUP PLAN: Grizzly Business, The Prowling Kind, Mittens @ Tin Can Ale House.

Sunday, Feb. 9

PLAN A: iD, Black Mikey, Aims, Aki Kharmicel and Fubar, The Beatkillerz, Far From Ya Average, Seven, DJ Pokkey @ Kava Lounge. Dynamite local MC iD heads up this "For the Love of Hip-Hop" showcase, which is a much better way to spend Sunday night than whatever you had planned. And just to make it even more tempting, it's free. BACKUP PLAN: The Woolen Men, Trips, Pleasure Fix, Young Wants @ Soda Bar.

Monday, Feb. 10

PLAN A: Sylvan Esso, Swim Team @ Soda Bar. A young electronic duo from Durham, N.C., Sylvan Esso turned some heads with their "Hey Mami"/ "Play It Right" single, which contained all of the dreamy bumps of Purity Ring and the quirky sonic trickery of tUnE-yArDs. So far, they don't have that much music out there, but what I've heard definitely has me looking forward to hearing more.

Tuesday, Feb. 11

PLAN A: Pontiak, Cy Dune, Nothingful @ Tower Bar. The most important thing you need to know about Pontiak is that they're really fucking loud. The next thing to know is that their Sabbath-meets-Stooges rock thunder carries more melody and nuance than you might think. You'll get a little bruised, but their songs will end up stuck in your head all the same. PLAN B: Chappo, Royal Teeth, Blondfire @ The Casbah. Chappo have a little bit of that hipster-hippie thing happening, like Yeasayer or Animal Collective, but their pop tunes are solid enough to overlook that faint whiff of patchouli.

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