Feb. 12 2014 11:37 AM

Weekly crossword by Ink Well Xwords


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A pair of tickets for a 4.5 or 8 hour Pacific Nature Tour will be awarded weekly. Email a picture of your answers to crossword@sdcitybeat.com or fax it to 619-325-1393. Limit one win per person per 30 days. 

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1. With "job," what a 56-Across might do

5. With "job," what a 37-Across might do

9. With "job," what a 25-Across might do

13. "Sun Sign Horoscope" columnist Sydney

15. Maria Callas performance

16. Mitt Romney's firm

17. See 66-Across

19. Inner: Prefix

20. "Likewise"

21. Skywalker's father

22. Pitcher's faux pas

25. See 9-Across

29. Some old-school hip-hop dancers

31. Place for corrections

32. Dugout, perhaps

33. Letters before an intended recipient's name

34. Insemination alternative: Abbr.

37. See 5-Across

40. Tail

41. Spanish liqueur

42. Like some stress-free environments?

44. Academic discipline

45. Words from one asking for a smack?

46. See 55-Across

51. Be overrun

52. "The Terminator" soldier

53. Singer with the 2012 hit "Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself)"

55. With "job," what a 46-Across might do

56. See 1-Across

62. James Weldon Johnson's
"The Autobiography ___ Ex-Colored Man"

63. Succulent in some trendy bottled beverages

64. Savory taste

65. They may be placed in a pool

66. With "job," what a 17-Across might do

67. Hoop alternative


1. Sub's opposite, in a dungeon

2. MTV musical honors show held in the

    Netherlands in 2013

3. ___ Jose Sharks

4. "Jump" group

5. More expensive on eBay, perhaps

6. Geller who beefed with the Amazing Randi

7. Bro's counterpart

8. Sartorial accent for Justin Timberlake

9. I-shaped building piece, when turned
on its side

10. Label owned by Universal Music

11. One quoted in an article, say

12. Soup mix brand

14. Label owned by Sony Music

18. Rain delay callers

21. Bruce/Batman portrayer, in the mid-90s

22. Channel for the original "The Office"

23. Insect-eating lizard

24. ___ and Charlie Browns
("Arrested Development" euphemism)

26. Widely televised ‘90s courtroom spectacle

27. Animals that say "miau"

28. Zest source

30. Floral necklace

33. Certain source of nighttime arousal

34. Causes of slippery road conditions

35. One might lead in to a bridge

36. Edith Wharton's "Ethan ___"

38. Nurse's provision

39. Israeli gun since the 1950s

43. Wonderful person, as it were

44. Major home security corp.

45. Creative spelling for some hip-hop collectives

46. Bill W.'s partner in founding AA

47. Pocahontas's husband

48. "Das Boot" setting

49. Graduation outfits

50. Ran a final episode

54. Time's 2006 "person of the year"

56. Doubled, a psychedelic guitar effect

57. Brazilian greeting

58. Ending for bass or ball

59. Dennings who's one of the girls on
"2 Broke Girls"

60. Big, three-toed bird

61. Unburdened


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