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Getting better all the time

I was one of your letters to the editor a while ago [May 14, 2012] and just wanted to tell you that things with food stamps have gotten a lot better. The changes that they've made were certainly for the better. I thought that maybe you could use a little good news. Thanks for shining a light on that. If nothing else, you helped me see that I wasn't the only one who was experiencing issues.

Daniel Kuhn, Mission Beach

Belfer's hilarious column

I was visiting your fair city last week (lots of fun!) and happened to pick up your publication and read Aaryn Belfer's column about conversations with her daughter ["Backwards & in High Heels," Jan. 29]. It was hilarious (I had to read sections aloud to my wife) and touching. I should have had an Amy Rigby CD on at the same time to cap it off.

Keep up the great writing, and I'll be looking for it.

Ted Wert Sagle, Idaho

Elitist, clichéd editorial

I read with yawning enthusiasm your predictable Feb. 5 editorial on Kevin Faulconer.

While many of the same old CityBeat clichés echoed with every line, the most surprising assertion came from your inability to even mention the more obvious truths about his opponent, David Alvarez. It seems that dispersed in between ads for bars, pot dispensaries and misogynistic strip clubs, your virtuous editorial did not even touch on the young Mr. Alvarez's main source of funding: labor unions.

Judging from your assertions, one must vote for David Alvarez if for nothing else but to keep the hater of the underclass (Faulconer) from taking office. This obviously would trump Mr. Alvarez's complete lack of experience on managing anything.

Additionally, your elitist letter assumes much and offends those that simply may have a different view than your paper (see "Chasing the Latino vote" and "Big illusion" in the same issue). You assume that those who may have wished to vote for Faulconer somehow have no city pride, do not care about their communities and, as you say, "haven't been paying attention to civic affairs." I guess that would include those of us who are independent, middle-class San Diegans who work with our community groups, volunteer our time to feed the homeless, volunteer with our churches (oh no, even Father Joe) and give to those who are less fortunate. I guess that would also include those of us black, white, Asian and Hispanic San Diegans who attend community meetings and have seen the good work that Faulconer has done. Are we, too, ignorant haters? Or, perhaps, as you allude to, we hold a secret blood oath to the Lincoln Club?

I cannot speak for the majority of Republican, Democrat or independent voters who voted for Kevin Faulconer or David Alvarez. Nor will I pretend to explain their vast reasons for doing so. I can only vote in the way that I feel will produce a better San Diego. And if that makes me an ignorant, prejudiced and ill-informed San Diegan in the eyes of CityBeat, so be it.

Lance Schmidt, Linda Vista

Editor's note: Our editorial didn't say that anyone who would vote for Faulconer hasn't been paying attention to civic affairs. We said his campaign—by portraying him as someone who's always cared about neighborhoods and homeless folks— seemed to target people who haven't been paying attention. There's a difference.

Sam had better be drafted

Your Feb. 12 editorial about Michael Sam was absolutely correct.

As Jon Stewart said the other night, the NFL makes no qualms about accepting drug addicts, murderers, rapists, dog abusers, etc. They're afraid of controversy? Puhlease.

How dare they have any doubts about welcoming a nice, talented, well-spoken athlete like Michael Sam. Shame on them if he's not drafted because of his sexual orientation!

Gail Mackler, Point Loma Heights

Out with chief, sheriff!

Et tu, Brutus? It isn't enough that the Republican judges and Republican media publicized the Filner settlement right before the election, but you, too, have to run an anti-Filner article before the election? ["News," Feb. 12, posted online earlier].

I wish that Filner had not been destroyed by Republican spies, informants, mata haris, prosecutors, police, sheriff and judges and that he had been able to change our police chief.

William Lansdowne should be prosecuted for insubordination. He refused an order from City Attorney Mike Aguirre to arrest the developer of the violating Sunroad building, and he runs a lecherous, out-of-control Gestapo police force.

Sheriff Bill Gore should be prosecuted for his heat-ray protestor machines and his torture dungeons of jails where verbal harassment, beatings and sleep deprivation, noise, cold and time tortures are practiced on a half-mentally-ill population.

Valerie Sanfilippo, Linda Vista

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