March 12 2014 12:00 PM

Weekly crossword by Ink Well Xwords


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A pair of tickets for a 4.5 or 8 hour Pacific Nature Tour will be awarded weekly. Email a picture of your answers to or fax it to 619-325-1393. Limit one win per person per 30 days. 

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1. Bit of ironic facial hair, slangily

7. ___ de vivre

11. "I could keep going"

14. "You expect me to swallow that?"

15. Lack of hurdles

16. Sliding-into-the-bath sound

17. Gangsters with a Red Delicious monopoly?

19. Residency option for the homeless: Abbr.

20. Sticks in a tree, say

21. Lush

22. Ado

23. Villain once played by Kenneth Branagh

25. Exalt

27. House of ill repute catering to roosters?

31. ___-com

32. Tool for shaping wood

33. Fan's sounds?

35. Mischievous toddlers

37. Dealer's measures: Abbr.

39. Potpourri

40. Chill

43. Cut metal, in a way

46. Amin who was called, quite fairly, "a murderer, a liar, and a savage"

47. Model train company that REFUSES to face accusations that their faulty tracks endanger millions of imaginary tiny conductors?

50. Option for soap or ice cream

51. It might give you exactly the right card

52. ___ rage (certain bodybuilder's feeling)

53. Where "Ice Ice Baby" appeared on the "Play That Funky Music" single

55. It gets played

59. Signs off on

60. Diamond cut in a significantly new way?

62. Formerly, matrimonially

63. Sculpting and singing, e.g.

64. Weather phenomenon played by
Chris Farley

65. Will Shortz and others: Abbr.

66. "Hey, kid, check this out ..."

67. Smother, perhaps


1. Digitize, as a document

2. Drink up

3. Basses go through them

4. Bird, notably

5. Weed control need

6. Trapped, in a way

7. Jack-off

8. More appealing to horses, perhaps

9. "Got it, got it"

10. Stunner underwater

11. One side of a bygone wall

12. Its most exciting feature may be a hill

13. Sweeping, e.g.

18. Mourning who won an NBA championship after receiving a kidney transplant

22. Former gas company with headquarters in Cleveland

24. Otherwise called

26. Mathematically high degree

27. Sportscaster Collinsworth

28. Like some soul-quenching meals

29. Riffs

30. Ring setting

34. Sovereign territory, synecdochically

36. Worked on a pillow case, say

38. Electric Vidal Sassoon product

41. Catch

42. No. 2 features

44. International resort brand

45. Kool-Aid rival

48. Goes from town to town

49. Author and former New York Times public editor Daniel

50. Unmanned, unsettling military flier

54. Verb with thou

56. "I've got a boo-boo ..."

57. TV host who retired in 2014

58. PayPal founder Musk (whose name is an anagram of 57-Down)

60. One of hip-hop's "four elements"

61. Handle of the twelfth most followed person on Twitter


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