March 19 2014 10:46 AM

Weekly crossword by Ink Well Xwords


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1. Mon wid crucial dreads cum outa he head, perhaps

6. Military acronym since WWI

11. Collar accessory

15. Freeze, as a windshield

16. Styx venue?

17. "I'm still hungry!"

18. Blitzen's seating instruction to his sleigh driver? (No dark forces at work here!)

21. "Clueless" phrase

22. Lukas who played Ryan White

23. Like Conan O'Brien, ethnically

24. Org. for Ann Miller, who said "You try to help them, try to sing and dance ... it's heartbreaking."

26. Important substance in immune development

28. What a goofy, witty waitstaff provides? (Everyone is alive and well)

35. ParaGard, e.g.

36. Locks something in before it comes out?

37. Blows away

40. Certain musical chord

42. Piece of eight, e.g.

43. Lay's partner in snack food

44. ___ suit (baggy ‘40s outfit)

45. It includes Piccadilly and Victoria lines

47. A Marine Corps lance corporal no longer qualifies as one: Abbr.

48. The holiest of poker hands?
(You screaming convicts can relax)

51. Vantage

52. Outrageous, briefly

53. Be on pins and needles for

56. Channel with highlights

59. Soon, a long time ago

63. Tender hugs and kisses, e.g.? (No hitting!)

67. One published in a literary magazine, perhaps

68. Vehicle for many a long, strange trip

69. Online clip-sharing site whose name is an anagram of MOVIE

70. Back talk

71. Obeys a neatnik pirate's command regarding the deck

72. Squirrel's staple


1. Capital of Latvia

2. Whizzes

3. Agcy. often "quoted" by Weekly World News

4. Quantity of beers at a hotel party

5. Bonobo, e.g.

6. LaBeouf of acting petulant and then being excused by James Franco in the
New York Times

7. Caretaker's nickname

8. Drops in the bucket, perhaps

9. Not masc.

10. Manipulate

11. Modern fuel-efficient vehicle

12. R&B singer Braxton

13. The A in B.A.

14. "America (Fuck ___)" ("Team America: World Police" song)

19. Time to attack, in the military

20. "___, find me a crossword clue for yourself"

25. Gp. that was an antagonist in "Milk"

26. Become dispirited?

27. Some catheters, briefly

28. Name in crackers or accommodations

29. Currency for many Member States

30. "Peace, muchacho"

31. Jason Sudeikis, to George Wendt

32. Keanu Reeves classic about a bus

33. Divisions in both the AL and NL

34. J.R. who was shot

38. Set in stone?

39. Coke product?

41. Biological throwbacks

43. Unit of derring-do

45. Green Day drummer Cool

46. Feral horse, casually

49. Mets stadium namesake

50. Biased type type

53. Silicon Alley exports

54. Joey's rather uninspired catchphrase on "Blossom"

55. Yes votes

56. Isle of exile to which many modern Romans escape

57. Refuse to acknowledge

58. One of Carlin's seven dirty words that's since become commonplace

60. Hideo with two career no-hitters

61. Kaput

62. Arcade Fire's "___ Bible"

64. Walgreens alternative

65. "OMG! that Pomeranian is wearing a life vest!"

66. Actress Longoria who divorced Tony Parker


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