March 25 2014 06:30 PM

Saintseneca, the San Diego Experimental Guitar Show, Swarmius and all the other shows we're stoked about this week

William Tyler
William Tyler

Wednesday, March 26

PLAN A: Reverend Horton Heat, Nekromantix, Deke Dickerson @ The Casbah. Psychobilly legends Reverend Horton Heat sold out their first show at The Casbah so quickly that they ended up booking two more in a row. Why is the Reverend still packing 'em in after all these years? I've got one word for you: showmanship. BACKUP PLAN: Ghost Come Back, Jacob Elliot, Hawke Auburn @ Tin Can Ale House.

Thursday, March 27

PLAN A: Art of Élan presents "Crossfire" with Swarmius @ Glashaus. Chamber group Art of Élan is putting on a special performance with "classical-punk" outfit Swarmius that blends contemporary classical sounds with pop and hip-hop in a collision of styles—hence the "Crossfire." If you're looking for something a bit more sophisticated, but still gritty and underground, this is your best bet. PLAN B: Tactical Ffever, Devfits, The Hague @ The Bancroft. But maybe it's just the gritty and underground part you're looking for, in which case you should check out noise rockers Tactical Ffever, featuring members of Street of Little Girls and Ilya. BACKUP PLAN: Northern Tigers, Jaded Juice Riders, Electric Healing Sound @ Tin Can Ale House.

Friday, March 28

PLAN A: Octo Octa, Magic Touch and Afterhours, DJ Bob Dazzla @ The Hideout. This show is labeled "100% Silk Night" because of its lineup of acts from the Los Angeles-based electronic label. Headliner Octo Octa, in particular, is one to hear, with a hypnotic sound that layers ethereal synths over deep house beats. PLAN B: Ruines ov Abaddon, Eukaryst, Old Man Wizard, Fadrait @ The Merrow. Attention: San Diego metal fans. Support your local headbangers and be treated to a whole smorgasbord of heavy flavors at The Merrow, including Ruines ov Abaddon's black metal, Eukaryst's death metal and Old Man Wizard's stoner / doom sounds. Only a couple days left to safety pin the Darkthrone patch on your denim vest! BACKUP PLAN: Too $hort @ Porter's Pub.

Saturday, March 29

PLAN A: San Diego Experimental Guitar Show w/ Glen Galloway, Vabianna Santos, Clint McCallum @ Soda Bar. The Experimental Guitar Show is a unique event that's best experienced without expectations and with an open mind. It's essentially performance art: Musicians approach the guitar in a variety of unconventional ways, whether building their own instruments, creating installation pieces or just abusing an acoustic. It'll be unlike any other show you'll see all year. PLAN B: Magical Mistakes, Seiho, And Vice Versa, Mystery Cave, HGHWND, Nick Leng, Amanda Schoepflin and DJ Mateo Silva @ The Hideout. Magical Mistakes is the project of Erik Luebs, a producer who blends post-rock atmosphere with Flying Lotus-style beats. Duck in and vibe out to some chill sonic head-trips. BACKUP PLAN: Space Chainsaw, Craterface @ The Bancroft.

Sunday, March 30

PLAN A: Saintseneca, The Blank Tapes, Vikesh Kapoor @ The Casbah. Ohio indie-folk outfit Saintseneca go above and beyond whatever connotations you think of when you read the words "indie folk." They're more Neutral Milk Hotel than tepid Americana or busker rock, with just the right balance of atmosphere and songwriting chops.

Monday, March 31

PLAN A: The Appleseed Cast, Idyll Wild, Buddy Banter @ The Casbah. Check here for Ben Salmon's feature on The Appleseed Cast, a Kansas band that disappeared for seven years but was recently revived by frontman Chris Crisci with some great new atmospheric indie-rock sounds. PLAN B: William Tyler, New Madrid, Mark Dzula @ Soda Bar. William Tyler is probably best known for being a member of ever-evolving Nashville alt-country outfit Lambchop, but he's slowly building an impressive catalog of American-primitivism-style guitar records, like last year's incredible Impossible Truth. Just stunning. 

Tuesday, April 1

PLAN A: Brad Mehldau Trio @ La Jolla Athenaeum. Pianist Brad Mehldau is one of the biggest names in contemporary jazz. You've most likely heard one of his Radiohead covers, but, in any case, his trio puts a modern twist on classic post-bop sounds, be it through innovative covers or original compositions. PLAN B: Brain Scraper, Pig Life, Fermentor @ Tower Bar. I mean, why wouldn't you want to see a band called Brain Scraper? Especially one with a song called "Lobotomizer"? I don't know about you, but I'm sold. (They're a hardcore / crust band, if that helps.) BACKUP PLAN: Bruin, Bangladesh, Emerald Rats @ Soda Bar.

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