March 26 2014 10:37 AM

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Morlan and Peña

I just wanted you to know that I loved Kinsee Morlan's story about Daniel Peña ["Art & Culture," Feb. 26]. His work is great, and Morlan is, too, for writing about him.

Congratulations on your publication.

Gabriela Johnston, Mariposa, Calif.

What's that stench?

Your Feb. 19 editorial opined that time will tell whether Kevin Faulconer's policy agenda matches his populist campaign. An indicator of Faulconer's true colors might be that it didn't take the vultures— in the form of Chargers' attorney Mark Fabiani—very long to resume the taxpayer-shakedown crusade.

Fabiani said he hopes to meet with Faulconer once he's in office. That in itself might not be of significance, but the fact that Fabiani's comment came less than 24 hours after Faulconer was proclaimed mayorelect seems indicative that in Faulconer, the vultures smell the stench of pro-business / pro-wealthy.

Dan Jacobs, Mira Mesa

Heath and Cuarón

I was just writing to congratulate Glenn Heath Jr. for two things: 1) his correct prediction (hope) that Alfonso Cuarón would win the Best Director Oscar and 2) that he held that hope despite the odds being against Cuarón ["Film," Feb. 26].

I saw similar hidden value in Gravity and recognized that it was so much more than the sum of its parts. I'm glad that San Diego has at least one film writer who not only cuts through all the hype, but who also actually understands the importance of the art-form as both a cultural barometer and an idea fosterer.

Thanks, too, for pointing out James Franco in Spring Breakers. The entire piece is a work of art, let alone Franco's courageous work in it.

Keep on speaking your mind; it brings genuine value to the publication.

Radames Pera, Middletown

Time for climate action

Regarding your story on San Diego's proposed Climate Action Plan ["News," Feb. 26]" Thank you for covering this important topic in a thorough and intelligent fashion. As a local climate activist, I know that the longer we wait to act on climate, the more dramatic the changes in our infrastructure and lifestyle we'll have to make will have to be.

There's been much foot dragging on climate action in San Diego County, and, in my opinion, there's nothing that Mayor Kevin Faulconer could do to better the city of San Diego that would be more important and have more significant impacts than to support the strong climate plan developed under iMayor Todd Gloria and Nicole Capretz.

Thanks again for the good reporting!

Masada Disenhouse, La Mesa

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