April 1 2014 06:30 PM

Cyne, Ilya, Burnt Ones and all the other shows we're stoked about this week


Wednesday, April 2

PLAN A: Ume, White Murder, Schitzophonics @ Soda Bar. Austin, Texas' Ume have been around for more than a decade, and in that time, they've released three solid albums of dense, shoegazing rock. They've got a big sound for a trio and lots of sing-along hooks to go around. PLAN B: mARMITS, Homeless Sexuals, Kodiak @ Tower Bar. You can probably already tell by their name's stylization that mARMITS are a brace of odd ducks. They perform in outlandish costumes and masks, play a weird hybrid of spastic punk-pop and prog-rock and generally just don't follow any conventional notions of what a rock band should be. gOOD tIMES.

Thursday, April 3

PLAN A: Lo-Fang, Kate Berlant @ The Casbah. Matthew Hemerlein, aka Lo-Fang, recently went on tour with Lorde, which is enough to tell you he's kind of a big deal. Hemerlein specializes in ethereal electronic soul, à la How to Dress Well, but just a touch more eerie. PLAN B: Wavves @ The Hideout. It's a little funny, in retrospect, that nobody expected The Hideout to host live shows, seeing as how they'll be hosting one of the bigger bands to come out of San Diego in the last half-decade or so. And Wavves are a band that translate better live than on record, in my opinion, making their stop here all the more worth catching. BACKUP PLAN: The Midnight Pine @ Seven Grand.

Friday, April 4

PLAN A: The Adolescents, The Creepy Creeps, Widows, Sculpins @ The Casbah. If you want to hear some blistering hardcore punk, sometimes you have to go to the source. Fullerton's Adolescents are hardcore pioneers—their 1981 self-titled album is a must-hear document of angst and destruction—and they're a better bet than whatever's passing for "Black Flag" right now. Just a warning: This show is pretty much guaranteed to get rowdy. PLAN B: Bop Alloy, Cyne, DJ Norm Rocwell, G. Rhodes, Esbe, Jenova 7 @ World Beat Center. The Schoolboy Q show at World Beat Center this week is already sold out, but luckily for you, the venue has another great hip-hop show you can still access. Gainesville's Cyne blend conscious raps with innovative production that results in an eclectic blend of sounds. BACKUP PLAN: Deep Sea Thunder Beast, Brain Scraper, Trapped Within Burning Machinery, Lazy Cobra @ The Bancroft.

Saturday, April 5

PLAN A: Ilya, Champ, Arms Away @ The Irenic. It took several years of silence to realize it, but I think we all really missed Ilya during their absence. The group's been reintroducing us to their darkened, trippy grooves, and they sound better than ever. Check out my review of their new album, In Blood, here. PLAN B: Black Lips, The Coathangers @ Belly Up Tavern. Georgia's Black Lips are notorious for their uproarious, drunken, not-for-underage-audiences live shows, and though I'm not crazy about their new album, it's not like their live show won't still be an absolute riot. (I hope not literally, like the last time they were here—yeesh!) BACKUP PLAN: The New Kinetics, Gloomsday, Schitzophonics, The Nformals @ The Casbah.

Sunday, April 6

PLAN A: The Frights, Great Ghosts, Wide Streets, The Pilgrims, Suzys Dead @ The Che Café. I won't lie to you: Knowing how young The Frights are makes me feel way older than I should. But I can't deny that they've got some great, jangly and surfy indie-pop tunes, so I feel confident in saying these kids are alright. BACKUP PLAN: Lime Cordiale, Ed Ghost Tucker, Social Club @ Soda Bar.

Monday, April 7

PLAN A: Lures, Trips, The Swift Beats @ Soda Bar. It's spring now, so it's only appropriate that more surf-inspired bands are gracing local stages (not that we didn't have plenty of hot days this winter, but whatever). Seattle's Lures have a dark, reverb-heavy sound that nearly splits the difference between Joy Division and The Ventures, with just a little more emphasis on the latter. BACKUP PLAN: Proud Mary, Dr. Seahorse, Tiger and the Teller @ The Casbah.

Tuesday, April 8

PLAN A: Burnt Ones, Grand Tarantula, Pez Headz, Wild Wild Wets DJs @ Soda Bar. Burnt Ones are affiliated with John Dwyer's Castle Face Records, but their style of psychedelia is a little less intense. The Bay Area band's newly released album, Gift, is a little bit krautrock, a little bit garage and a whole lotta fun. You can expect the same from their live show.

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