April 2 2014 10:48 AM

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Keep it open

Regarding your March 5 editorial, "San Diego's open-government test": I agree with the editor's concern over changing the email-retention period for the city of San Diego.

To begin with, there's no reason for deleting these emails so that they can never be recovered. Disk storage is inexpensive. Anyone can purchase a 4-terabyte storage array for $200. At minimum, these emails should be retained on some type of medium.

It's also important to note that Kevin Faulconer is San Diego's fourth mayor in just a little more than a year. A lot has gone on during this time, and records should be retained. Could it be that someone has something to hide?

This is an opportunity for Faulconer to prove that he is truly a proponent of open government.

Ronald Harris, Scripps Ranch 

Editor's note: Faulconer on March 18 rescinded the policy that would have required the deletion of city emails after one year.

Up with citizens!

In response to Craig Thompson's March 5 letter to the editor about CityBeat's endorsement of David Alvarez, I would first like to ask, do you enjoy that 40-hour week, weekends and sick days? You can thank unions for that. Apparently, you are under the illusion that corporations are just going to give workers decent pay and benefits out of the goodness of their hearts.

The way unions build the middle class is by making sure there are jobs that provide a middle-class living. Just because someone is pro-union doesn't make them anti-business. Frankly, I am sick of this push to be "pro-business"; why don't we try to be "pro-citizens"?

Lenora Dody, Hillcrest

Clean elections

A question for Ronald Harris of Scripps Ranch, regarding his March 5 letter to the editor about your Jan. 29 editorial: Have you heard the positive buzz surrounding clean elections?

More and more states are giving serious consideration to this concept to instill political stability. Several states have adopted the concept. Newsman Bill Moyers narrates an excellent 11- minute video that's circulating among San Diego civic organizations. Check it out.

Janet Kaye, Linda Vista

The black knight

Regarding your March 12 news story about union leader Mickey Kasparian: Kasparian's "I'd rather lose a race than compromise" stance is why Democrats are suffering these losses. He may not have been sure of what he got from Nathan Fletcher, but he damn well knew what he'd get with Kevin Faulconer.

In the end, Faulconer, aka Jerry Sanders Lite, beat Kasparian's ass with a smoke-and-mirrors "everyman" campaign, a tactic that would never have worked against Fletcher. This happened in a city where Democrats far outnumber Republicans!

Kasparian is the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. He gets his arm cut off and calls it a flesh wound. Adapt or become extinct, Mickey.

Woody DuBois, Vista

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