April 30 2014 09:07 AM

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Verging on child porn

For a long time, I have questioned your wisdom in printing the American Apparel ads on the back page of CityBeat, where the ads are in full view of anyone in the house. The one on March 6 was truly over the top. It verges on child porn.

I hope you will reconsider running these ads. Not having such pictures displayed might help to keep our children and grandchildren a little safer.

Joan Holland, Downtown

Get in the game!

The "Fest or fizzle?" article about the Balboa Park Centential ["Art & Culture," March 26] was a call to action. Or, at least it should have been! How long are we going to sit around and just let things happen? If we care, let's do something about it. I did, and so can you! There's plenty of room for creativity. So, get off the sidelines and get in the game! Everyone can help. Be the solution, not the problem.

Christophver R, North Park

Balboa Park road race

Regarding your April 2 editorial about the Balboa Park Centennial: The year 1915 was the year of the San Diego Exposition—called that to differentiate it from the San Francisco Exposition (both had Panama in their names, and San Francisco's was an international world's fair).

The 1915 San Diego Exposition Road Race Centennial Event is being planned for Jan. 10, 2015. What was this race, and why celebrate it? Visit the NTC Headquarters Building and read the history behind it: 300-mile race, six-mile track, 18 cars, five finishers, 50,000 paying spectators, 40,000 residents, 65-mph average speed of winning car. The first licensed race course in the Southwest. The start of Southern California's car culture. Think "Disneyland Autopia" on its 60th Anniversary, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Cars (the movie), The Fast and the Furious and all of the car and motorcycle races that have occurred in the past 100 years, and imagine the potential sponsors if the city were to support a Centennial event that lasted a year.

As of right now, the Mayor's office isn't interested. How does this tie into Kevin Faulconer and Todd Gloria's plans for Balboa Park? It does not—by their choice. How could it?

Why not, as I have suggested to CalTrans to move forward in discussion with the city over how to celebrate a century of the Cabrillo Bridge, let me put out a call to action for lining up representative vehicles that would have crossed the bridge during its 100 years and have them cross into Balboa Park, then keep the bridge closed except for emergency vehicles and an intra-park shuttle? Throw a party starting that day and continuing through 2015, where classic-vehicle owners from the last 100 years are invited to show their cars as living history throughout Balboa Park, with temporary shelters and security, on a phased basis.

I could probably get sponsors for this and other activities as outlined at SanDiego2015. com—if the city were to get out of the way instead of having politicians control their sandbox. The truth? They can't handle the truth. Meanwhile, I will continue to build collaborative events with people who want to play.

Kevin Swanson, Paradise Hills

No leadership

Good work on noodling ideas for a 2015 expo centennial ["Editorial," April 2]. All of those notions, and others even more promising, have been proposed and tossed about and tried out, sort of, for years. The best result is the one in the picture you included with the story: Traffic has been removed from the Plaza de Panama.

The reality is that the necessary leadership for any major concentrated civic efforts just doesn't exist. So our best bet is to try to keep everything fairly well-maintained until such leadership emerges. And it's useful to contemplate who actually got the traffic out of the plaza. That would be Mayor Bob Filner, the one we dumped.

Welton Jones, Middletown

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