May 7 2014 10:58 AM

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We're not all carnivores

Regarding your April 2 Food Issue: Again you've ignored or underestimated the number of vegan, vegetarian and meat-reducing readers. It would've been great to see "News on the veg scene," such as the opening of Moncai Vegan in North Park and Veggie Grill in UTC and Carlsbad. More people every day are choosing to leave the dead animal off their plates all or part of the time. Please keep this in mind.

Teagen McClain, North Park

Ideas on the cheap

Your April 2 editorial about the Balboa Park Celebration Inc. implosion and picking up the pieces read really well. Just think, you were not being paid $15,000 a month to jot down those good ideas.

It appears there are many players in this tragedy besides the BPCI board and officers, although these folks, starting with Nikki and Ben Clay, is where the ultimate responsibility lies.

Lou Cumming, La Jolla

Honor the 1915 expo

I appreciated your April 2 editorial about the Balboa Park Centennial, particularly your idea about a fall series honoring the point of the 1915 Expo!

I'm a UCSD alumnus with fond memories of San Diego, and I've drawn up a 2015 program. Our performing-arts project is called Pan Pacific Promises and consists of a re-creation of a California literaryarts series presented by Dr. George Wharton James at the 1915 Expo, which was in keeping with the hope of Expo founder David Collier, who said the Expo would illustrate the progress and possibility of the then-"young" state of California for the world.

I really think we can capture the original spirit of the 1915 Panama-California Expo and provide an imaginative springboard for 2015 celebrants to seek a brighter future in the next century!

Eric Vollmer, Los Angeles

No cars on the bridge!

Regarding your April 2 editorial: I'm an 80-year-old senior living Downtown. I walk to Balboa Park an average of once a week. What a pleasure to cross over the bridge while the roadway repair is happening. No cars! The original purpose of the bridge, I believe, was for pedestrian walkers. December Nights is a wonderful example of how the park becomes a people's park without automobiles. Maybe these few months of bridge work will show us its original intent.

All that aside, with the delays of centennial planning to date, let's focus on what's doable and celebrate with special events throughout 2015 and 2016.

I like all your ideas put forth in your editorial. Walking the park, I see a great need for cosmetic cleanup and repairs. Why not put out a call to community members to participate in these needed tasks? I'm ready to help.

Edward Moore, Downtown

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