May 14 2014 09:36 AM

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New item on the list

I liked Kinsee Morlan's story in the April 2 Food Issue, "Cheers without the beers." It's nice seeing restaurants and older compadres supporting and enjoying each other. The La Mesa Bistro & Bakery is a little out there, but I'll put it on my list of interests to visit.

Russ Hessler, Point Loma

More park parking needed

I found your April 2 editorial on plans for the Balboa Park Centennial celebration very interesting. However, no matter how great the programs, people will not attend if they don't have a place to park when they get there. What was Mayor Filner thinking? Did he intend to celebrate the centennial of Balboa Park by taking us back to 1915, when pedestrians with parasols strolled through the park on a lazy Sunday afternoon?

That era is gone. Ours is a society dependent on our cars. Public transportation to and from Balboa Park is pitifully behind the times. The era when 90 percent of the museum funding came from city, state and government support is in the past. Today, 90 percent of operating funds come from philanthropy, ticket sales, special events and memberships. And guess who the major philanthropists are: the elderly.

Filner's pro-pedestrian experiment has single-handedly cut off access to the front door of museums for the elderly; those who drop off their spouses in front of the museums or the Prado restaurant will now block the single lane of traffic when they stop; those in walkers and wheel chairs will have to negotiate treacherous paths with ramps and potholes to get to and from distant parking lots, as will families with young children who are not out of strollers and the thousands who attend evening events and want to use valet parking.

The Art Alive Bloom Bash at the San Diego Museum of Art has 700 people attending in cocktail attire. Where and how will they park since Alcazar parking lot is closed and there is no valet service available? Will they be asked to don their tennies and walk through dark paths to reach distant parking lots when the event ends at midnight?

The current tram service from Inspiration Point is seldom-used. The public doesn't know where the pick-up and drop-off locations are located. Many sit waiting on the steps of museums for the tram to arrive without a posted schedule.

More parking is needed. Filner decreased it. I understand that attendance is down. Some museums report ticket sales are approximately half of what they were a year ago at the same time. Best of luck to all individual institutions in Balboa Park that are working on plans to attract visitors to Balboa Park throughout the year for the 2015 Centennial celebration with less parking.

Irwin Jacobs' plan to resolve this problem should be brought back on the table. Additionally, Balboa Park has a lot of empty acreage to build a multilevel garage like the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, which uses a firstclass tram service to drop off throughout the park. See numerous studies funded by the Legler Benbough Foundation on the future of Balboa Park.

Everyone is encouraged to keep the fight alive to preserve the future and accessibility of Balboa Park by increasing parking in a responsible and thoughtful way, as was proposed.

Fallon Walsh, Downtown

Wishing Decker the best

I've always enjoyed Edwin Decker's thoughts and views, even when I disagreed with him. I loved The Beatles, but I started having doubts about John Lennon's views when I heard he purchased 70 furs for Yoko Ono and friends, but that was a number of columns ago ["Sordid Tales," March 5].

I'm sorry Decker is going through a separation ["Sordid Tales," April 16]—love problems are tough—but maybe one of the reasons she split was his habit of putting their business in the streets, as the vernacular goes.

I wish him the best, though!

Peggy Spates, Southcrest

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