May 14 2014 11:35 AM

Weekly crossword by Ink Well Xwords


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A pair of tickets for a 4.5 or 8 hour Pacific Nature Tour will be awarded weekly. Email a picture of your answers to or fax it to 619-325-1393. Limit one win per person per 30 days. 

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1. Post-trim powder

5. Inventor whose name is spelled out by the horizontal lines of special characters in this puzzle

10. Naked

14. Fat abbr. popularized by Rachael Ray

15. Images limited by the Seventh Ecumenical Council

16. Claim

17. West African wardrobe item

18. "The Ant and the Grasshopper" author

19. Like Don Draper

20. Pillar

22. Butterflies

24. Genesis character often associated
with masturbation

25. ZZ Top song about butts

26. Thrown together

29. Animal named before Dancer

31. Place that's full of jerks?

35. Against

37. Novel

39. Textbook unit?

40. Stage character who never appears

41. Board game with fake definitions

44. Words before "hustle" or "limbo"

45. Make out, in the UK

47. ___ Day (Hawaiian holiday)

48. Mr. Smithers, e.g.

50. Pampered

52. Eccentric

54. Businesses in a 2000 financial meltdown

55. Hipster magazine that seems, despite its protestations, persistently conservative

57. Home improvement host Bob

59. Travelocity competitor

62. "I'm ready"

66. Othello, e.g.

67. States, to the French

69. Streaming video device maker

70. Bubbe

71. Italian 100

72. Gave a line

73. One looked up to

74. Anti-formalist actress Uta

75. Stylistic periods


1. President pro ___

2. Sneaker brand

3. Shapeshifting Norse god

4. Some washers and arcade games

5. Sporty Mazda two-seater

6. It's deep, man

7. Optimistic

8. ___-cone

9. Cable channel that covers college sports

10. Buy shots all around?

11. Tel ___, Israel

12. Russo who plays Frigga in the "Thor" movies

13. Units in Physics 101

21. Not invite to the All-Star game, perhaps

23. Storm front?

25. Shady thing

26. What you put away for a rainy day: Abbr.

27. Sierra ___

28. Still-banned ballplayer, to fans

30. Break up the relationship

32. "I love," in Latin

33. Ancient Irish alphabet

34. Rounded hammer parts

36. Paradise in literature

38. Droll

42. Ang with two Best Director Oscars
(or Spike with none)

43. Two-time U.S. Open winner Ernie

46. Be linked to a lot

49. Few and far between

51. Handpicked thing

53. Maid from the movie version of "Clue"

56. Bohemian, now

58. "Now we have to take this outside ..."

59. Erstwhile sci-fi magazine

60. Grim Cormac McCarthy novel, with "The"

61. One-named pop singer/jet-setting idea man

62. "Metropolis" director Fritz

63. Time it takes for the little hand to spin around

64. Source of much cheap modern furniture

65. Bath bubbles

68. Something brewing

There are two propositions regarding the death penalty on the November ballot. Proposition 62 would repeal capital punishment (retroactively, as well), and replace it with life in prison without the possibility...


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