May 21 2014 10:51 AM

Our detailed manual for the intrepid summer-camper


How much do you miss going off to summer camp when you were a kid? A lot, right? Don't you want to relive it?

No? You hated summer camp? Oh.

Well, then, if those are painful memories, how about creating new ones? How about living the next few months like you're in one long adult summer camp, filled with fun activities, without the homesickness, the awkward crushes on older counselors and being victimized by the mean kid two bunks over?


In the next 27 pages, we send you off on adventures to urban canyons, swimmin' holes and backcountry wine tasting and treat you to an ice-cream social. Plus, we have helpful tips on where to get useful gear and ways to keep the real kids busy while you're away at camp. There's also lots of good stuff on summertime food and drink, and no CityBeat Summer Guide is complete without cool event listings.

Have fun at camp, and don't forget the sunscreen and bug repellant.


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