May 21 2014 12:23 PM

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Take off the money goggles

I just recently reviewed your March 19 issue and wish to thank David Rolland for his candid "Editor's Note" on SeaWorld and all of the recent issues in the media.

I could not agree more with Rolland's take and wish there were tens of thousands more of us out there who felt the same way. I'm frustrated by the politics and the money and greed at SeaWorld and among the San Diego City Council whose members can't see beyond who pads their political pockets. I guarantee that if anyone would just take off the money goggles and do a little bit of research into orcas, they would support the position that Rolland and I do and do anything possible to fight SeaWorld and stop the "exploitation and gaudy entertainment."

Thank you again for your support.

Lisa Vargas, Imperial Beach

Little Italy: what not to do

The irony in Kinsee Morlan's April 2 "Seen Local" piece on self-proclaimed snob Louise Girling's comical lament about the potential of development sapping "the feel" out of Little Italy is just too much. I was a longtime resident before the city yet again let greedy developers paint their vapid Disney brush across this San Diego gem. Little Italy (and San Diego in general) sold its soul long before her concept of selling overpriced home furnishings came to fruition.

It pains me now to have to spend even a minute in the very place I spent years enjoying. The quaint view of the harbor, easy strolling and cycling down appropriately populated sidewalks and architecture appropriately scaled to fit its locale are all memories now. This should be a mandatory first-year architecture-school class on what not to do to a community.

Brad Beidler, Golden Hill

Better off dead?

I applaud your series of stories on deaths in San Diego County jails [the latest of which was published on April 23].

The question I have is whether or not the severely mentally ill are better off dead or alive. I'm sure that varies by person, but if living is torture, then what? I'm familiar with how abusive our mental-health system is and the fact that no real help is available for anyone, anywhere— just stuff that sounds good and gets good press. We have many illusions of help.

Should those who choose to die rather than face a lifetime of continual psychiatric abuse be permitted to do that? Suicide is selfish, as it deprives your friends and family of you. Far more selfish is their not allowing you to get out of living, if you wish, however.

I write this as a psychologist myself and would love to tell the whole story in an article but would need to get into both the societal and religious secrets to do an adequate job of that, so nobody would publish it for fear of angering their advertisers.

John Kitchin, Downtown

Forget it!

Regarding your April 2 editorial on the Balboa Park Centennial: Forget the whole thing; this is a non event. On nice days, the park is jammed with citizens enjoying its endless venues. We don't need more people in San Diego—too crowded now.

A biotech month, featuring all the firms and what they do would be most informative for locals, however.

David S. Foley, Middletown

Belfer's home-run column

I have never been a consistent CityBeat reader, but Aaryn Belfer's April 23 "Backwards & in High Heels" column has turned me into one. "No Curtains for the opera" knocked it out of the park. Thank god for writers like Belfer. Thanks for re minding me not all of us San Diegans are of the white-puckering-asshole variety.

Suzy Perkins, La Mesa

‘Refreshing' editorial

I just wanted to say how refreshing it is to see a paper conclude that marijuana-dispensary violence is actually a reason to legalize marijuana ["Editorial," April 30]. We work with the excellent Joshua Emerson Smith on occasion, and I don't know if this is his clever influence, but thank you. I shared the story with our 27,000 Twitter followers.

Darby Beck, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Editor's note: Yes, Joshua Emerson Smith is indeed excellent, but that editorial was not the product of his excellence.

Shakespeare's fish 'n' chips

OK. I'll try Shakespeare Pub & Grille for fish 'n' chips ["The World Fare," April 30]. If they're as good as you say and better than Studio Diner on Ruffin Road, then we'll all be happy. Fun to read.

Thomas Shess, North Park


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