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Weekly crossword by Ink Well Xwords


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1. Roman love god

5. SportsCenter feature

10. Randall Munroe web comic rich in math arcana

14. Clean with water

15. Assembly area in Athens

16. Soup in Sapporo

17. They may ask you to keep things formal

19. Way off the highway, for an SUV

20. With a certain ease

21. Letters before a name on a letter

23. Number for soccer legend Andriy Shevchenko --at least, when he played for an Italian club

24. Places to live, to Jorge

26. Weird Al's second parody of a hit by Michael Jackson

29. Site that calls itself the front page of
the internet

31. Squirt of soda

33. Actress Lupino who lived in Malibu

35. Aging process for sherries and ports

37. Not anti

38. Peña or de Lucia of Spanish guitar playing

40. Critically acclaimed Scottish actor Williamson who died in the Netherlands

41. Norse god associated with magic

42. Lacking water

43. Marker for Fido

45. Cooler cubes

46. Lower a lawyer's status

48. Alternative to a word like shucks or aw

50. Pal of Frodo

51. Causes to veer

53. Could

56. Buyer of snow

57. Slangily, bill featuring Queen Elizabeth II

58. Actress Lena who made her first film while still in drama school

61. "Jackass" daredevil

64. Microscopic

65. Like some spicy cuisine

66. Supermodel host of the version of "Project Runway" shown in Canada

67. Boomers' kids

68. They're ground for joe

69. There is an important one spelled out by the last characters of this puzzle's clues, starting from the top


1. Robert and Alan, each with a stage career

2. Tussaud who sculpted both a young and an old Marlon Brando

3. Content of Cliven Bundy's last widely televised screed

4. Put in a new milieu

5. A bit pornographic

6. Massage target

7. Black ___—fancy name for sablefish at many a deli

8. Calculations a high school math student might do

9. Dish brought along on an outdoor excursion

10. Magneto, Wolverine, and Magma

11. Cereal from General Mills

12. TV procedural that's had some episodes

      directed by Quentin Tarantino

13. Colon half

18. Wintertime conveyances for, I guess maybe, LL Cool J

22. Qty. at hospitality school Le Cordon Bleu

24. Sensory organelles in a cell

25. Was humbled publicly

26. Animated film partly set in the office of
a dentist

27. It's pretty much always high

28. Facial section, in marketing language, most vulnerable to facial pizza

30. Turkish snack made with lamb or chicken

32. Brazilian city with a "Christ the Redeemer" landmark

33. Devices that recently added Retina display

34. Animated Morgendorffer partly based on Janeane Garofalo

36. Philip who studied at Bucknell and Eli who studied at NYU

39. Late Wu-Tang member known for being a bit off

44. One obsessed, perhaps, with Nintendo

47. Rear

49. Welcome, in a sense

52. Get rid of, as a show you saved from TV

54. Ancient Afghan province

55. Nickname of a noted ‘60s jazz bandleader

56. Operating system developed by AT&T originally

57. Gets dark in the light

58. Mild online oath

59. Certain kind of alibi

60. Traveler's destination

62. Rapper who got into a high-profile feud with journalist Lynn Hirschberg

63. "This has been amazing!" - !


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