May 28 2014 09:18 AM

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Homeless exhibit

I just read several letters to the editor about Balboa Park's 2015 anniversary [April 23 and 30]. I have a grand idea of sequestering part of the park to house homeless individuals that already live there. They could be fed 24 hours a day and live and sleep in full view of the public at large. This would remove any danger or threat visitors to the park may feel from homeless individuals during the event.

Unfortunately, what will most likely happen is 30 or 40 days before the anniversary celebration, San Diego police will be forced by higher powers to sweep the park to remove any dangerous element that may be loitering leading up to the event, thereby temporary displacing people who use the park as a safe place to sleep. They will not be seen by anniversary-goers, but they will just be homeless somewhere else and, most likely, not very far away.

Many people may find the idea of a homeless exhibit or onsite temporary shelter offensive. However, ignoring the problem and expecting authorities to tidy it up quickly before tourist dollars arrive is even more repulsive.

Benny A. McFadden, Downtown

Should've picked Lee

Regarding your May 7 endorsements issue: CityBeat should be endorsing politically independent local Mitz Lee to fill the new District 6 San Diego City Council seat.

Unique among three candidates, Lee has lived in Mira Mesa for many years with her retired Navy husband, Jeff. Lee has raised and educated two kids to adulthood in this community and at SDSU, has successfully run for political office and been elected to the San Diego Unified School District's Board of Education, where she pushed for high academic standards, parents' voice, fiscal restraint and civility. For good and ill, she knows San Diego, the issues and the players, and she believes deeply in responsible community service.

Everybody else running for the District 6 seat is a carpetbagger recipient of big money put up by special interests and both major political parties. I don't understand why you would photo-feature one of these untested and unqualified candidates here. 

(I also wonder why you didn't endorse the guy running for attorney general who wants to execute corrupt politicians. That's a bold new idea!)

Frances O'Neill Zimmerman, La Jolla

‘White-boy' newspaper

The April 30 CityBeat had an article all about how the city-employee demographics are not the same as the city population's racial breakdown. But the thing is, how does CityBeat compare with what they apparently deem an important assessment? Well, like most hipkid publications, it's pretty much a strictly white-boy production.

Interesting passive-aggressive dig at the city by a semi-newspaper that has a staff that is almost all white. The city has black employees equal to city population percentage CityBeat seems to have none, certainly not on its contributors list. In fact, when you examine the list of editorial staff and contributors on its masthead, what you find is one Hispanic named female (but does she even speak Spanish?) and one Asian male. Other than that, it's all white folks. The big majority of them male (generally 20- to 30- something middle-class semi-hipsters with scraggly beards, dark glasses and other Spielberg look-alike attempts). Should they really being tossing stones?

Linton Robinson, Tijuana

Editor's note: Yes, columnist Alex Zaragoza speaks fluent Spanish. So does multimedia advertising director Paulina Porter-Tapia. So, there are two Latinas.

Decriminalize it

We live in New York State, but we agree with your April 30 editorial about legalizing marijuana. We are encouraging our federal legislators to legalize it nationwide.

Linda and Ken Mitchell, Newburgh, N.Y.


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