May 28 2014 11:15 AM

Weekly crossword by Ink Well Xwords


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1. Latina actress/singer who started out as a breakdancer

4. "CrazySexyCool" trio

7. A bit cold

12. Long stretch

13. Skater Oksana who was in "Blades of Glory"

15. Checked out, in a way

16. Position for insect fetishists?

18. Displays very clearly

19. Synagogue, during Yom Kippur?

21. It needs oxygen

23. Magic, since the late ‘80s

27. Item under a dress

28. "CSI" material

31. Ready for gifting, perhaps

32. Stand at the mall

34. Latin 101 verb

36. Chutzpah

37. Young rink employee who works exclusively outside the skating area?

40. The state or quality of being former
New York governor Spitzer?

42. Court plea, informally

44. End of the dinos?

45. Currently hitting

50. Soothers

52. Govt. benefits provider

54. Certain quality

55. Throw-in

57. Fire truck attachment

59. TV spot for a black tie event featuring the music of James Taylor?

62. Trendy diet of questionable historical verisimilitude

65. Time during which one is expected to haunt?

68. Holder of secret sauce?

69. They may be offered hot or cold,
in Japanese restaurants

70. Working name letters

71. They may get signed after a break

72. Small songbird

73. We, as a species, have to have it


1. Bush transplanted to Florida

2. Velvet Underground lead singer Reed

3. Rob Ford's province

4. Sat in the sun

5. It's not fair, it's said

6. Actor Robert of "I Spy"

7. Peggy of conservative speechwriting

8. "Later, y'all"

9. Texted word of entreaty

10. Go, in a way

11. They're lost after a sack: Abbr.

13. Dummy

14. City near Beaujolais

17. Corvette roof types

20. Waders with curved bills

21. "Don't even ___"

22. "The Book of ___"

24. Auction site that explicitly forbids the selling of souls

25. Steve Case's former company

26. Roman 1040

29. Agreement that created a bloc during the Clinton years

30. 90, usually

33. East Asian carp

35. Laptops from Taiwan

38. Person behind the times, as it were

39. Org. that prohibits gay adults from holding leadership positions

40. Fashion magazine with a palindromic name

41. Mutually adulatory exchange

42. Agcy. that supports research in economics and geology

43. Paddle relative

46. Exclamations of achievement

47. Subjects of many Tibetan religious paintings

48. "Who do you think you ___?"

49. La Brea pit substance

51. Nook purchases

53. "Ready to go?"

56. Rhythm recorders: Abbr.

58. PC keys

60. Indian caste known for working as genealogists

61. Isao of the Golf Hall of Fame

62. Sgt.'s underling

63. Just like

64. ___ Cruces, New Mexico

66. Prez known for building interstates

67. TV channel that eventually became Ion


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