Memorial Day is behind us. Youve already read our Summer Guide cover to cover. Summer is basically here—June 21 be damned. And when summer comes, you need a good soundtrack. For me, a good summer jam is bright and catchy and captures that intangible feeling of being totally free for three months. For your enjoyment, Ive assembled eight songs by San Diego artists past and present to keep you grooving all summer:

Fuzzy by The Incredible Moses Leroy: A pretty big hit in 2001, and for good reason. Ron Fountenberrys warm, crackly pop delight, built around a bubbly sunshine-pop sample, is just too charming not to love.

Mr. Wilson by Optiganally Yours: Rob Crow and Pea Hicks recorded two albums entirely using 70s-era optical organ the optigan, and this is one of their best tunes, in which Crow yelps to the title character, Lets talk about peace and love! 

City Heights by The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble: I like my summers to get a little funky and soulful, and few bands bring deeper funk than Sure Fire. Plus, the songs named after my neighborhood!

Jail La La by Dum Dum Girls: This catchy little tune about getting thrown in jail is as fun as committing crimes gets. Dont even bring up Janes Addiction right now. Just dont.

Answer to Yourself by The Soft Pack: Some Soft Pack to go with your Dum Dum Girls? Another surf-inspired, garage-rock gem, this ones pretty much nothing but hooks—as it should be.

When You Walk Into My Dreams by Gary Wilson: A smooth synth-funk jam with a weird and jittery frontman—just what your summer shindig needs. Its danceable and just ever so slightly off.

Round and Round by Ratt: Maybe its just nostalgia for the video with Milton Berle in it, but this songs definitely a highlight of the hair-rock era—no joke.

Monkeys Attack by The Stalins of Sound: Sure, its noisy and disturbing, but its also a danceable tune about a monkey attack. Win-win!

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