June 4 2014 10:58 AM

Weekly crossword by Ink Well Xwords


A pair of tickets for a 4.5 or 8 hour Pacific Nature Tour will be awarded weekly. Email a picture of your answers to crossword@sdcitybeat.com or fax it to 619-325-1393. Limit one win per person per 30 days. 

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1. Whole big thing

5. Tokyo Metro reading material

10. Very, in slang

14. Sit next to

15. White supremacist's racial category

16. Hopped on

17. Video game that focuses on a Nintendo icon's Italian heritage?

19. Pulitzer-winning playwright William

20. Lucy of "Elementary"

21. Hawk's claw

22. Nolan Ryan, from 1972 to 1979

23. Nolan Ryan, from 1980 to 1988

25. Great Salt Lake state

26. Video game starring a badly out-of-shape Nintendo protagonist?

33. Marketing character in rice

34. Chinese "way"

35. Reaction to shocking news

38. Doubleday who almost certainly didn't invent baseball

39. Venomous snakes of the Nile

40. Small amount of spirit?

41. Like legal proceedings held before going to court

43. Video game about a PlayStation character who bombs his SATs?

47. Write lines professionally

48. Credulous

50. Academy Award-winning brothers

52. OK

56. One may be cut down after an NCAA win

57. Woody's folk-singing son

58. Video game detailing the early years of an anthropomorphic Sega speedster?

60. Pot ___ (stoner's icon)

61. Vex

62. ___ von Habsburg (last Crown Prince of Austria-Hungary)

63. Caucuses locale

64. Flies and such

65. Bank extractions?


1. Berry Gordy label before Motown

2. One blowing in a pit

3. Minnesota city where pie à la mode
was invented

4. Outrageous, in Internet slang: Abbr.

5. First word, perhaps

6. Sea essentially destroyed by the Soviets

7. Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Laura

8. Add

9. "I'll take that as ___"

10. Place with an extremely strong expectation of staring straight ahead

11. Some tokes

12. Advantage

13. Film storage unit

18. "Making the Band" band that was, aptly, from Orlando

22. Envelope ltrs.

24. Choose to keep fighting

25. Bit of log-in info

27. French card game with betting

28. "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" writer

29. Some British cigarettes

30. "Your Movie Sucks" writer Roger

31. Kid's time out?

32. Annotations for some boxing wins

35. Mall store that sells supplements

36. It may be thin or dead

37. Field that governs the use of the moon, e.g.

39. ___ mater (where one went)

41. Classics degrees, e.g.

42. Family nickname

44. "Motherffff ..."

45. Turn on a watch?

46. Actress Mimieux in "The Time Machine"

49. Belief system

50. ___ Cartel (former Colombian drug ring)

51. Cookie since 1912

52. Prospector's windfall

53. Closes up shop

54. Gold-covered

55. Treats, as a sprain

58. Enervate

59. "That hurts ..." [Ink Well ends forever on June 25. Sign up for avxwords.com to get great, similar puzzles]


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