June 18 2014 11:59 AM

We hoist a few with movers and shakers so you don't have to

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We journalists are lucky. Because we buy ink by the barrel, as the old saying goes, interesting or well-known people agree to hang out with us. Can you imagine inviting TV weather anchor Dagmar Midcap or San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer out for drinks and them actually saying yes?

No, right? It would never happen. You'd probably just get put on some kind of watch list. They say yes to us only because we happen to have the means to reach an audience of some size, and we do our best to make good use of that strange privilege and share the results with you.

For our annual Drink Issue, we contacted seven San Diegans whom we find intriguing for some reason or another and asked them to go out drinking: Faulconer, Midcap, trumpeter Gilbert Castellanos, newsman Mark Sauer, restaurateur Tracy Borkum, magazine writer Mike Sager and bicycling booster Sam Ollinger. How did all that turn out? Find out by clicking the links.

We also raised the excitement factor to dizzying heights by having seven local mixologists create special, one-of-a kind cocktails based on each of our drinking buddies. How much fun is that?!

So, craft yourself a cocktail, uncork a bottle of wine, pour a pint of microbrew and join us for some scintillating barroom conversation.


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