June 25 2014 09:34 AM

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A map would've helped

This letter is in response to the Joshua Emerson Smith article, "A war over B and C" ["News," May 21]. In this article, Mr. Smith discusses the "B" and "C" propositions related to the Barrio Logan area. Unfortunately, without a map, I did not understand this article. I believe a map would have helped everyone understand this better.

In any case, I still knew how I'd vote: If Jerry Sanders was against it, I'd vote for it.

Ron Harris, Scripps Ranch

Give ‘peace' a chance

I love it! Edwin Decker's column on the Mt. Soledad cross ["Sordid Tales," May 28] demolishes with simple fact the argument to keep the cross on the mountain top. A better veteran's memorial would simply be: "Peace." Every veteran I know could get behind that. Please, keep up the good work.

Rev. James Bowser, North Park

Cat videos on Mt. Soledad?

I'm an out-of-towner and picked up a CityBeat and read Edwin Decker's well-researched rant concerning the Mt. Soledad cross ["Sordid Tales," May 28]. I knew nothing of the back history, but thought your column was interesting and amusing.

After reading, I took a run up there to see what the fuss was about. While I was distracted by the amazing view, I did ponder the concrete forms used to construct the holy torture device. I certainly fall into the atheist camp but am tolerant of others' views.

Anyway, it got me thinking about what could possibly be put there to avoid offending anyone's religious sensitivities or otherwise. Maybe a largescreen TV with a funny cat video? Might make a funny followup column!

Derek Miller, Delta Junction, Alaska

Toni Atkins' fail

Thank you for your article on community choice when it comes to our electricity provider ["News," June 4]. I was sorry to read that, in her first month as Assembly speaker, Toni Atkins has already sold San Diegans short. Instead of supporting community-choice aggregation (CCA) and giving San Diegans a choice for their electricity provider, she, in effect, has voted to block our choice. As a San Diego resident, I am offended by this vote.

As your article pointed out, the San Diego City Council's Environment Committee unanimously voted in favor of opposing this legislation. The bill could undermine the city's Climate Action Plan, which looks to community-choice energy as a vital tool that can help meet the city's renewable-energy goals.

Atkins' vote served the interests of big utilities at the expense of San Diego's energy future. Toni, you are better than this.

Daria Flores, University Heights

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