July 2 2014 09:23 AM

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Close Cabrillo bridge

Regarding your June 4 editorial: Why reopen the Cabrillo Bridge? Since closing, San Diego adjusted very well and had no problems accessing thousands of parking spaces in and adjacent to the park from the Park Boulevard side of Balboa Park. The tram system has worked very well to move people from their cars to the core of the park. The "awful" parking and traffic problems feared by Bankers Hill (Sixth and Fifth avenues) residents and businesses never materialized.

Park museums and institutions on the west side have prospered with much greater pedestrian traffic, interest and attendance. Some museums have claimed without a full release of their data that attendance has "declined." In a pure example of "post hoc ergo propter hoc" reasoning, that asserted decrease is attributed to the bridge closure and not to any other variables.

This assertion of decreased attendance is worthless as data. It does not present statistics institution by individual institution; does not present paid admissions, free admissions and members' admissions; and does not present historically similar results for identical prior months from prior years. There's also no accounting for differences attributable to different displays, shows and promotions present in comparable prior months to the asserted decreased months. For example, the Museum of Man opened its heavily promoted torture exhibit last year but kept the same show open for many months. It's natural that attendance would tail off. This has nothing to do with the bridge closure.

For all one can tell, this asserted decrease is a decrease from the months immediately preceding the bridge closure—so, a decrease from the busy holiday season and two very well attended free nights during December Nights to the very quiet post-holiday months. Again, it's unrelated to the bridge closure.

Pedestrians and bike riders have fallen in love with the use and enjoyment of the grand walk and ride from Sixth Avenue to the core of the park, unencumbered with the hazards, noise and pollution of cars.

The repaired surface of Cabrillo Bridge could be a wonderful venue for art shows and sales, entertainment, farmers markets and talented buskers. The view from the bridge can be enjoyed without the distraction of auto traffic.

The months of CalTrans repairs gave San Diego a time to experiment with the effect of bridge closure. Have we learned nothing? Keep it closed. At a minimum, keep it closed until public hearings can be held, hard facts can be reviewed and a fact-based decision whether to open or maintain closure can intelligently be made.

There's no compelling rationale to mindlessly yield to some form of auto-pilot, opening the bridge without thoughtful process and decision-making.

David Lundin, Hillcrest

Get rid of 'em all—guns

In response to your June 11 editorial about guns, all I can say is I never met a human being good enough to have a gun. So let's just ban them altogether!

And the Second Amendment does not guarantee an individual the right to have a gun—only state militias. I don't care what some attorneys say about it; I can read plain English while lawyers obviously cannot.

Go, non-violence!

George Blender, Ocean Beach

Get rid of 'em all—VA hospitals

Regarding your May 21 editorial about the Veterans Administration: I have been passionately in favor of selling all VA hospitals to private ownership and municipalities since the Stone Age.

I can think of no reason for them, except for keeping medical personnel occupied when not in wartime and to process injuries for ASAP transfer to a regular hospital—all hospitals having on-staff doctors and nurses experienced with battle injuries.

All veterans should have long ago been able to go to regular hospitals, just as insured civilians do. No difference.

"Make it so!" says Jean Luc Picard.

Saul Harmon Gritz, Hillcrest

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