1. Response to a crack

7. Big name in synthesizers

10. Pesky little bug

14. Paris Opera Ballet prima ballerina

15. Birthday many dread

17. King James' name

18. Glowing application

19. French aunt

20. Soccer clean sheet

21. Right-angled joint

22. "¡___ es mio!" ("That's mine!" in Spanish)

23. Untouchable?

25. Line up

28. Some sales come-ons

31. Sticks turndown

33. Go for the heart of

34. Like dark meat

35. Daily allowance

37. Get smart

40. Dark suit?

41. Sherpa's jobs

43. Top cards

44. Wet body

45. Herbal ___

46. More removed

50. Didn't budge

52. Lose greenness

54. Vote for?

55. Performed

57. Blade dampener

58. Dairy Queen purchases

60. Bowlful with chips

63. Kid rocker

64. Scratch covers

65. Power source

66. "Where's Daddy?" playwright

67. Faux innocent reply

68. Harasses


1. "___ Skelter" ("White Album" song)

2. "Relax, dogface!"

3. Hang out with

4. Trumpeting legend Al

5. Sunblock additive

6. One with a protected nest egg

7. Attach, as a postage stamp

8. Punk rock legend Henry

9. Golf instructor, likely

10. They go sitting down

11. One who recently changed his or
her name, perhaps

12. Come ___ price

13. Tweet of gratitude

16. ___ clip (pedal part)

20. Intrusive

23. The serpent, to Eve

24. MRI or radiograph alternative

26. Bar ___

27. Seafood fishes

29. Comedian Steve

30. Ride hard

32. Rain check?

36. Time traveler's destination

37. Weekly chore (or daily, if you have a toddler like me)

38. "Hadn't thought of it that way"

39. Very hot

42. Jumped the broom

43. Not exactly tons

47. Name

48. Shoelace hole

49. Turns back the clock

51. Type of semiconductor or electron tube

53. Soda originally called "Brad's Drink"

56. Genetic strands

58. "Dr. Feelgood" band, for short

59. Breakfast cereal

60. Belt with a netsuke

61. Bread with mattar paneer

62. Barely turned on

63. Barbecue throwaway


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  • The first in a new series of spoken word showcases that aim to give voices to writers of color. Speakers include Carlos Kelly, Lizz Huerta, Paul Lopez, and more. Takes place at 2186 Logan Ave. in Barrio...
  • A food festival and fundraiser highlighting over a dozen restaurants, breweries and distilleries located exclusively in Oceanside and benefitting local non-profit organizations
  • A new treehouse-inspired installation from local artist Wes Sam-Bruce. The interactive piece features many rooms and passageways, and is accompanied by an original soundscape by composer Joel P. West
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