July 16 2014 10:38 AM

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In last week's "Seen Local" story about The Front art gallery, Kinsee Morlan misspelled Linda Caballero-Sotelo as "Caballero-Sopelo." We're sorry about the mistake.

Wanted: moral foundation

The editorial in the June 18 CityBeat, "The psychos are back," notes that some of the main PNAC (Project for the New American Century) neo-con figures who pushed hard for the U.S. Iraq invasion—Cheney, Rumsfeld, Perle, Tenet, Wolfowitz, Feith, Bremer, others—are now back on the boobtube, claiming yet more troops and treasure should be flushed down the toilet on this absurd "cause." Your editorial refers to this group as "idiots," "liars," "psychopaths" and "war criminals."

JFK was the last president who wanted to use U.S. foreign policy in constructive and responsible ways. This is why he was killed, alongside his decision to "end the Fed" (google "Green Hilton" and "Executive Order 11110") and "Smash the CIA into a thousand pieces" (after learning the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a false-flag event and that the CIA was running heroin out of the Golden Triangle on Air America flights). Jesse Ventura recently published a book on the JFK assassination. Folks, please turn off your TV sets awhile and read it.

While it's taken the public 50 years to develop the courage to face the truth about the JFK assassination, mainstream America still has not had the courage to address the real motives for the Iraq occupation (nor look into "9/11 truth"). Note: If you allow a Banana Republic coup to take over the highest office in the land, do not be surprised if the plotters decide to run the whole show, no Big Lie being too outrageous.

Most of the "liars" and "war criminals" mentioned in your editorial, along with hundreds of others, should be in prison for life.

Public officers knowingly lying to the public about the reasons for large-scale war—especially given the unspeakable harm that's resulted, in Iraq and here at home—should result in many prison sentences. Also, huge financial penalties should be assessed against the main defense-contractor rogues gallery, long involved in looting the treasury under assorted false-flag agendas. While justice delayed is justice denied, better late than never.

Your editorial mentions the death of "countless Iraqi civilians." Actually, the count was said to be over 1 million, a decade ago, with the number displaced far greater. Meanwhile, the trillions from our national treasury flushed down the toilet in all this absurd hell-making could have done such wonderful things here: huge retraining and infrastructure building, mortgage and unemployment relief, free healthcare and adult education, etc. These things finally need to be faced. We need to reestablish a moral foundation for our nation. We cannot continue permitting major criminals—white collar or

"war criminal" types—to run our major institutions, parade around boldly perpetuating lies, misleading our society and making fools of our nation. We must finally have the courage and integrity to act.

Any who've received paychecks from the defense sector or military have many multiples the responsibility of others, to finally see things set to rights. It is to the unspeakable disgrace and dishonor of our mainstream military and foreign policy participants that so many, for so long, have allowed dishonest agendas to direct their careers..

James Wallerstedt, North Park

Same ol', same ol'

Regarding your June 18 editorial, "The psychos are back": The more things change the more they stay the same. Obama is caught between Iraq and a hard place. (Pun intended.)

Damned if he does something and damned if he doesn't.

Unfortunately, he's decided to act by sending 300 special-forces "advisers" into Iraq.

Anyone old enough to remember Vietnam remembers that the first boots on the ground were labeled "advisers."

The psychos never left; they just keep changing parties.

Dan Adams, Bay Park


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