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Boris, Municipal Waste, Thee Oh Sees and all the other shows we're stoked about this week

Peaking Lights

Wednesday, July 23

PLAN A: Matt Pryor, What's Eating Gilbert, The Josh Berwanger Band @ The Casbah. Back in the early '00s, I listened to a fair amount of emo while denying that any of it actually could be called "emo." But who was I kidding? I was emo as fuck. Anyhow, the 18-year-old in me wants you to go see Get Up Kids frontman Matt Pryor and Anniversary frontman Josh Berwanger and just get back in touch with that teen angst. PLAN B: Erika Davies, The Midnight Pine @ Whistle Stop Bar. The Midnight Pine are responsible for one of my favorite local recordings of the year so far. In fact, Buried—their new album—is probably one of the better albums you'll hear from any city this year. So go see them at this intimate show featuring local jazz-influenced singer Erika Davies. BACKUP PLAN: Gilbert Castellanos Jazz Jam featuring Bruin @ Seven Grand.

Thursday, July 24

PLAN A: Boris, Mustard Gas and Roses @ The Casbah. If you missed it, go back and read my feature on Boris in last week's issue. The Tokyo trio plays a style of heavy rock music that takes influence from some unexpected elements and are a dynamic, super-loud live act. PLAN B: The Aquabats, Koo Koo Kanga Roo @ House of Blues. Click here for Peter Holslin's feature on cartoonish ska heroes The Aquabats, who are saving the world, one act of goofball positivity at a time. Sure, they're a little silly, but it's best just to embrace it and wear a shameless grin.

Friday, July 25

PLAN A: Peaking Lights, Maria Minerva, M Geddes, Mirage @ The Casbah. Psychedelic dub duo Peaking Lights are a peculiar group, but a good peculiar, incorporating the rhythms and pulses of dub into a dream-pop sound. They're opening for the amazing Flying Lotus, who's guaranteed to rock a surrealist party with his space-age beats and bleeps. PLAN B: The White Buffalo, Johnny Two Bags @ The North Park Theatre. The White Buffalo, aka singer / songwriter Jake Smith, has been a rising star in alt-country in the past year, thanks in large part to having his songs appear in Sons of Anarchy. Marketing decisions aside, he's got a rugged and rustic sound that's well worth seeking out. BACKUP PLAN: Gloomsday, Shiva Trash @ Whistle Stop Bar.

Saturday, July 26

PLAN A: The Burning of Rome, Sanguindrake, MURSIC, Spero @ Brick by Brick. Brick by Brick lives! The newly reopened Bay Park venue has lined up a long list of impressive bands to christen its new phase, including local favorites The Burning of Rome. Their new album, Year of the Ox, is pretty badass, so I don't see how those songs wouldn't kick ass on stage, too. PLAN B: The Muffs, The Loons, The Touchies @ The Casbah. The Muffs' Kim Shattuck was briefly a member of the Pixies last year before getting kicked out without notice or cause. But considering how bad their new songs are, she probably dodged a bullet. Her other band, The Muffs, is still making fun power-pop that's certainly worth the price of admission. BACKUP PLAN: Hills Like Elephants, River City, Soft Lions @ Soda Bar.

Sunday, July 27

PLAN A: Municipal Waste, To the Point, Witchhaven, Eukaryst @ The Casbah. You might have noticed four straight nights of awesome shows at The Casbah this week, all of which coincide with Comic-Con, as it turns out. And the last one is a particular ass-kicker, featuring crossover thrash band Municipal Waste. If you ever got into bands like D.R.I. or just play Slayer's Reign in Blood on the regular, then don't miss this show.

Monday, July 28

PLAN A: Thee Oh Sees, Tomorrow's Tulips @ Belly Up Tavern. Thee Oh Sees frontman John Dwyer said last year that the band was probably going to slow down or go on hiatus. Well, that didn't really happen. They're still touring, producing great psychedelic garage rock and putting most other bands to shame. BACKUP PLAN: Au Revoir Simone, Dresses, The Lower 48.

Tuesday, July 29

PLAN A: Griever, Deep Sea Thunder Beast, Pissed Regardless, I Trust You to Kill Me @ The Casbah. Local hardcore badasses Griever said they were working on a new album last year, and though it hasn't materialized yet, there's a good chance it'll be awesome. And they're just one of four bands worth the eardrum wreckage that'll occur at this stellar showcase. BACKUP PLAN: AAN, Des Ark, Citrus @ Soda Bar.

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