July 30 2014 09:43 AM

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Can't legislate away violence

I used to frequent a frozen-yogurt shop in Point Loma that always had copies of CityBeat and The Military Press and enjoyed reading both, although they clearly expressed opposing political views. Unfortunately, the shop went out of business. Recently, I had the opportunity to go to Bogart Yogurt in Pacific Beach, and, lo and behold, there was a copy of the June 11 issue of CityBeat, so I opened to the editorial.

In fairness, I am usually in the other camp politically, but I enjoy the rabid nature of your prose. I fully believe in the freedom of speech and freedom of the press. I also like the other freedoms, including the ones granted under the Second Amendment.

While I agree that the killing of innocent people is awful, I just don't believe you can legislate away violence. For the most part, anti-gun legislation impacts the law-abiding citizens. Crazy people and criminals will not be stopped by gun registration, outlawing AR- 15s or limiting magazine size to 10 rounds.

Keep up the good work. I'll enjoy your editorials when I have the chance.

Don Rood, Ocean Beach

Boycott Seaworld

My wife and I have regularly walked our dogs on Fiesta Island for many years. Several years ago after SeaWorld started its nightly fireworks shows ["Sordid Tales," June 25], we witnessed a noticeable amount of debris in the water and on the shores. At first, we thought that they were some kind of coconut shells. After awhile, we realized that the debris were the papier-mache projectiles the fireworks are made from. We also noticed a significant decrease of sea life in the water. We used to see many crabs, schools of fish and even goodsized fish. We are convinced it was due to the pollutants that SeaWorld's fireworks produce.

About 10 years ago, I wrote to SeaWorld and expressed my concerns and hoped that maybe they would allow me to show them the debris. I received a letter from their legal department that basically scolded me and, in a very condescending tone, assured me that my concerns were unfounded and that there was nothing wrong with the fireworks. They also told me that they were perfectly legal and that no laws were being broken.

I have not ever been back to SeaWorld since then. I also will do everything I can to discourage our out-of-town visitors from going to SeaWorld. Money talks—people should boycott SeaWorld until it gets in line with reality.

Richard Quinonez, University City

Dumanis and the boys

Your July 2 editorial about District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis was spot-on. She's been the darling of the Kolender, Landsdowne, Gore, Goldsmith old-boys network, causing her to think that she's an untouchable. She's paid an egregious salary to boot.

She, along with hundreds of others in the county and city governments who make in excess of $100,000 a year are taking us taxpayers to the cleaners, both in pay and with their pensions. Maybe that's another article worth digging into—who are these people and what do they do?

Lou Cumming, La Jolla

Behind the bars

I just wanted to thank you for your continued reporting on the ongoing corruption taking place in our local jails. I'm not diminishing any of the crimes or offenses inmates may have committed. However, we must remember that every human being, whether incarcerated or free, has the right to live a dignified life free of abuse, suffering and injustice.

I think we often forget about those left behind bars—out of sight, out of mind. It's clear that we need more transparency as well as more serious and heavy consequences for those found guilty of misconduct and mistreatment of our inmates. The corrections structure is flawed, and, sadly, the public is either unaware or apathetic about the mismanagement and negligence in our justice system.

Thank you for your continued motivation and investigation.

Natasha Nace, Chula Vista

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