1.Campaign issue

    5.Milwaukee Bucks coach Jason

    9.Members of Hamas, e.g.

    14.In an adroit manner

    15.The neighborhood

    16.Capital served by Noi Bai International Airport

    17.Dutch cheese that blows up in
    your mouth?

    19.UN head before Ki-moon

    20.Take in

    21.Send to one's room without supper, say

    23.With 50-Across, McCartney's title when he was in India?

    24.Toll hwy.

    26.Yellow signs

    28.Fashion for the undead set?

    33.Canadian clam


    35.Do some landscaping work, say

    38.Hill denizens

    39."Start playing"

    40.In the ___ (firing on all cylinders)

    41.Exclamation said while shrugging

    42.Memphis street noted for the blues

    43.Following forwardly

    44.High-end sandwich belonging to an Italian fashion house?

    46.Use a binder clip

    49.Psyche's lover

    50.See 23-Across

    51.Day to spend with your Peeps

    55."Check back later" in listings

    58.Tie often fastened with a tack

    60.Viscous chowder?

    62.Fact-finding mission

    63.Coastal eagle

    64.Makes a boo-boo

    65."The Whiskey Ain't Workin'" singer Travis

    66.Construction paper?

    67.Use, as an Underwood


    1.Some British sports cars, briefly

    2.Reed with 10 keys

    3.Wireless linking protocol

    4."The Madcap Laughs" singer Barrett

    5.Theatrical genre with heavy makeup

    6.Pressing need

    7.Singer Lovato

    8.Applications of hair gel

    9."I shoulda guessed that"

    10.Hot spots?

    11.Make void

    12.Business people?

    13.Cold spot?

    18.Put to use

    22.Wyndham rival


    27.Those with connections

    28.Queen's style

    29.Sharpen the carver

    30.Computer that had 17,468 vacuum tubes

    31."The Expendables 3" star

    32.Iroquois tribespeople

    35."Don't even ask"



    39.Anne of TV's "Hung"

    40.Round number?

    42.Raymond James Stadium athlete

    43."There's not a minute to spare!"

    44.Big ape

    45.Signaled completion, as a microwave

    46.Put away from everything

    47.Zapping device

    48.Stanley who appears in the "Hunger Games" franchise

    52.Worse for wear

    53.Hot under the collar

    54."I don't like your ___!"

    56.[I drank too fast]

    57.Altar spot

    59.Red sticks, briefly

    61.Broadway production?


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