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Aug. 8 2014 05:19 PM

Caffeine is star at Del Mar café, while food is an afterthought

Cafe Cantata
So cute!
Photo by Jenny Montgomery

Growing up in San Diego in the early 80s, we had some good family friends who owned a candy store in Del Mars Flower Hill Mall. I could barely wrap my 7-year-old mind around the fact that someones job was candy store owner, and before I could, the friends sold the store and moved away, and my visits to candy-land became a distant memory—as did any time hanging out at Flower Hill Mall.

I still dont spend much time there, not being a well-heeled Del Martian, but Ive been intrigued lately at the shopping centers attempts to hip itself up a bit. Sea & Smoke, Cucina Enoteca and the very cool ROW Collective of local artisans bring a youthful, cosmopolitan vibe to the whole enterprise.

I hoped Café Cantata (2670 Via De La Valle), a relatively new little breakfast and lunch café that occupies the space formerly held by longtime local stalwart Pannikin, would be a part of the freshening up of Flower Hill. I will say this for Cantata: Its cute! I even overheard fellow patrons say things like, This place is so cute! The wheels of a bicycle mounted to the wall make up the word FOOD in a clever bit of inexpensive yet eye-catching design.

Coffee is clearly where Café Cantata shines and where its passion lies. I loved the deliciously creamy cappuccino, topped with a thick head of glorious foam. The in-house chocolate-chunk cookie impressed with a nice, chewy texture and ample amounts of bittersweet chunks of the good stuff. It was pretty much a perfect coffeehouse pairing of sweet and caffeinated.

Scrambles, salads and sandwiches make up a large part of the menu, and with the exception of the cookies and a few scones, most of the baked goods are brought in from outside bakeries. (Say what you will about Pannikin and its explosion of knick-knacks; it does crank out some tasty cakes and sweet nibbles.)

From the Cantata kitchen, I enjoyed the baked French toast. The breakfast was simple and satisfying, bright with orange-zest-infused maple syrup. I decided to splurge and pay an extra $2.25 for strawberry compote. The warm, sliced strawberries were fine, but maybe Café Cantata doesnt know that a compote is more than just a high-falutin cooking term? It seemed a bit disingenuous to charge extra for nothing more than sliced berries.

The turkey panini was just OK, with gooey mozzarella cheese and a crispy, buttery sourdough, but the slab of pressed lunchmeat that didnt bear much resemblance to any part of a turkey proved that the food at Café Cantata is mostly about being utilitarian.

Avoid the scrambles: The eggs are beaten to within an inch of their lives. You can hardly identify the egg part of the scramble, which feels depressing to me.

With Flower Hills artsy renaissance, Id hoped for more than average coffeehouse fare at Café Cantata. As a culinary destination, it falls short. As a place to plug in and linger over a cup of coffee, thats where Café Cantata hits the sweet spot.

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