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Reality check

Your July 9 editorial on the Murrieta immigration protests was spot on. I will refer to where you state the serious Latino-voter problem. How long is it going to take for any politician, Republican or Democrat, to see that the immigration of Latinos to the U.S. is an evolving issue? How many walls, high-tech gadgets, military, militia, etc., have really put a dent in the forever migration of Latinos? 

They suffer from poverty, corrupt governments, drug traffickers, human traffickers and gangs, just to name a few of the issues that these people confront in their everyday lives. My point is that any human being who takes the time to travel 1,500 miles to get to the land of opportunity isn't doing it for the adventure! Or because Obama gave them the green light! 

Both parties need to take heed of this issue. Until the poverty and the oppression in their countries is done away with, these folks will find a way to the U.S. Ask the Germans, Arabs, Jews, Brazilians, Africans and Russians who are now voters. 

Bernie Vizcarra, Chula Vista

Galleries support artists

Regarding Kinsee Morlan's July 16 "Seen Local" story about artist Vicki Walsh and Opportunity Gallery: A nice bit of writing that begs to be expanded. San Diego has too many good artists with too few galleries in which to exhibit, and, for the most part, the attitude is that the artists exist to support the galleries, whereas the opposite is true. Artists like Vicki and Anna Stump and Daphne Hill and spaces like Opportunity Gallery and Bread and Salt are filling this vacuum. They are not a dying breed; they are just being created.

Bill Fields, La Mesa

Life at the minimum

It's good that the San Diego City Council voted to increase the minimum wage ["Editorial," July 16] and kept out the discouraging travesty of voting, which, as you said, would've become another campaign of lies funded by the big Republican-Koch steamroller.  It's too bad that smiley, cool Kevin Faulconer didn't go along. I heard Jerry Sanders on KPBS give his future-of-gloom speech regarding how this will pan out. 

I truly believe that the bottom of the totem-pole group relies on government resources to survive despite working 40-plus hours per week. Both my daughter and her husband work that week, live in National City in a graffiti-wrecked neighborhood for $900 a month because they cannot afford a decent area with rents over $1,200 a month. They aren't on public assistance but still struggle in my opinion.Little wiggle room. So, I can picture someone who makes minimum at present. 

It's no wonder the masses clothe themselves at Target and Ross, something that was shocking to a recent visitor from Asia—"So many really poor and poorly dressed people living in awful neighborhoods," she said. She was further shocked about healthcare, most people driving old cars and lack of public transportation. 

Dianne Obeso, University Heights

Faulconer and the Bushies

I have comments on two interesting letters that were published in the July 23 issue:

The first is from Dan Jacobs. It's important to understand how damaging the Bush administration was for the U.S., and Dan did a great job reminding us. However, I disagree about Bush being a psycho. I think he's just simply ignorant. It's too bad that he didn't discover art prior to running for president. On the other hand, "psycho" is probably a good word for Dick Cheney. With all that being said, the scariest guy of all is Karl Rove. He managed to get an ignoramus and a psycho elected for two terms. 

The other letter, from Byron Wishnek, was about Mayor Faulconer. Byron was right on. This guy is a wolf in sheep's clothing. He is Jerry Sanders' guy, and I believe his primary objective is to eventually land Sanders' $300,000-per-year job. Just think, he wants to sell city property to pay for a new Chargers stadium, and he wants people to believe this will not cost them anything. That's the same as selling a car belonging to person A, giving the money to person B to build a tennis court and telling person A it did not cost him anything. Note that person A does not play tennis. 

Ronald Harris, Scripps Ranch

Fire those responsible

Regarding your July 30 coverage of pepper-spray abuse in juvenile hall: Absolutely, this torture should stop and those who have been abusing detainees, and their supervisors, should be suspended pending the investigations. The supervisor who allowed this abuse to occur should be fired, as should all those who learned about the abuse from the Youth Law Center and continued it. 

Spraying a young girl because she refused to strip in front of a male agent borders on sexual assault and proves the sadistic intent of the practice.

Thank you for uncovering and continuing to cover this story. Please keep it up.

Angela Garcia-Sims, Coronado

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