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‘Awful' immigration protestors

Thank you for your comments on Murrieta ["Editorial," July 9]. These are my thoughts precisely.

Such pride we have in watching this awful spectacle develop—all the protestors screaming at women and children must be proud. When you need immigrants, you enlist them in the military; when you don't, you hound them. When you want vegetables in a market, you hire them despite bad conditions, pesticides, etc.

As for diseases people are dreaming about, many of their own children aren't inoculated. They get a religious waiver and then proceed to infect a classroom. This winter, I contracted whooping cough from Saudi Arabian international students; these upscale guys had limited hygiene and awareness despite their visa status and pockets stuffed with cash.

Anyway, thank you for telling it like it is.

Dianne Obeso, University Heights

The abuse must stop

Your editorial on youth-detainee abuse in the July 30 issue is "steel on target"! (That's a U.S. Army term, by the way.) The article by Dave Maass and Kelly Davis, on the same topic and in the same issue, leaves one breathless over the regularly dished-out abuse in the county's juvenile-detention units.

I'm especially appalled about the callous and egregious treatment of young women and equally appalled by the lack of interest by county supervisors. The Board of Supervisors needs to correct these continuing abuses. Guess they'd rather bask in all the kudos directed their way over that new water park on Harbor Drive that now costs us taxpayers $2.3 million a year just for security patrols. Maybe that could be funded with the dollars now being spent for pepper spray!

Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead until Chief Probation Officer Mack Jenkins is forced out of office.

Lou Cumming, La Jolla

Editor's note: A majority of the county Board of Supervisors—Dianne Jacob, Dave Roberts and Ron Roberts—now welcomes a federal investigation into pepper-spray abuse at juvenile facilities. We've not heard from Supervisors Greg Cox and Bill Horn on the issue.

Belfer's a beacon

Thanks to Aaryn Belfer for another home run: "Deporting refugees and welcoming Ebola" ["Backwards & in High Heels," Aug. 6].

Once again, Ms. Belfer articulates perfectly my thoughts / feelings / beliefs on a current sociopolitical issue. Now, if I can remember some of her insightful passages and biting one-liners when I find myself in a heated debate with someone from the other side, I'll be happy!

Thanks to her and to CityBeat for being a beacon of sanity and decency in the red sea of San Diego.

Suzy Perkins, La Mesa

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