1. Giants' conf.

4. Tex-Mex chain with a pepper in its logo

10. Floor of a three-family house, maybe: Abbr

13. Actor Stonestreet of "Modern Family"

15. Stand for

16. Prefix with liberalism

17. Castrated sheep losing all its clothes?

20. Easy bits of a jigsaw puzzle

21. Lays down the lawn

22. Sicilian backdrop

23. "See that mama sheep over there?"?

25. Talks to the man upstairs

26. "Check out ___ selection"

27. Hit man's target (likely for what he has done)

28. It can help you see the picture clearer

31. Where a Barbary sheep hangs its hat?

38. "I'll take that as ___, then?"

39. Quarter kegs of English beer

40. Send flowers and love letters, say

41. Female New World sheep?

43. Rather interested

44. YouTube revenue source

45. Columbus inst.

47. Bulldog features

50. Soft sheep that's an expert in judo?

56. Morales of "Criminal Minds"

57. Best Picture between "The Artist" and "12 Years a Slave"

58. Control tower device

59. Advice to use young sheep as a means of moving?

62. Barely make out

63. Scratch

64. What you were in medieval times

65. Did a charity 5K

66. Totally trashed

67. Really strange


1. Handrail support

2. A Corleone brother

3. Petroleum company with a famous sign seen from Fenway Park

4. One can hold about 700 MB of data: Abbr.

5. "Steppenwolf" author

6. Following closely behind a truck?

7. "Team" singer

8. "Definitely"

9. Classical Music Mo.

10. Author Shreve

11. Small change

12. Senate robes

14. Ensign from Russia in the original "Star Trek"

18. Hairy hunter of Genesis

19. Australian city where the band Tame Impala hails

24. Classic stereotypical boy toys

25. Football player's protection

27. Price of freedom?

28. Consumed

29. Swab test stuff

30. Hanks who made the app Hanx Writer

32. TV planet where "Shazbot" is a profanity

33. Twee indie instrument

34. Word repeated when unloading an automatic weapon on a group of zombies

35. Have an outstanding figure?

36. Rapper Kool ___ Dee

37. Time between ice ages

39. Twerking and Candy Crush Saga, for two

42. Elm City collegian

43. Journalist Charles who was "On the Road"

46. Dried up

47. Athlete in the Nike ad "Re2pect"

48. Home to the Japanese baseball team Orix Buffaloes

49. Stir

50. Unmanned flight

51. Vice president who said "nattering nabobs of negativism"

52. ___ Dame

53. Lake Coeur d'Alene state

54. Called

55. Shaped like a ball

57. Working hard

60. They'll help you get into work

61. Ton of bricks carrier


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