Sept. 10 2014 09:55 AM

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Good that Fulton's gone

San Diego Planning Director Bill Fulton's move to Texas ["Editorial," Aug. 6] was probably a good idea. Fulton was just not a good fit here.

He didn't get clear that the communities, especially the low- and moderate-income communities, decide density in San Diego. He, instead, came in with density concepts that were anathema to us. Even the U-T carried a list of his failures to be clear on the concept that communities decide density.

Fulton also didn't seem to grasp the sweep of current history in San Diego. After the ugly Jerry Sanders years, with their nasty attitude toward communities, delays in community-plan updates and his meddling in facilities-finance planning, we had hoped Fulton might ask what he could do to help repair the situation. He didn't.

After so many years of a General Plan with a failed village strategy, not one square centimeter of which has ever been implemented, we had hoped that Fulton, a man with an advance reputation, might see the value of redefining San Diego's future, its plans and planning away from a failed strategy toward a better, more manageable strategy. That better strategy is, in fact, emerging now as we move from the Sanders attitude toward Barrio Logan to a more communitarian attitude expressed in the preservation of Ocean Beach. Making lifestyle and community more important than profit is an excellent strategy. Fulton could have been its parent.

Whittier was right: Of all the words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, "It might have been."

We hope Fulton will understand Houston quickly and will seek out, talk to and pay attention to the folks who live there, most especially low- and moderate-income families.

Jim Varnadore, City Heights

The fire for Faulconer's feet!

Thank you for your Aug. 13 editorial about Kevin Faulconer, or should I say Jerry Sanders Part 2? Both peas in a pod.

How to help the poor and poorer of San Diego? A cost-of-living raise would help. If the cost of a hamburger goes up a few cents, I would be happy to pay that if I knew the employees, maids, dishwashers, drivers, cooks, fish cleaners, toilers of any kind who keep us comfortable could get a decent wage. In the middle of Virginia, one can buy a three-bedroom house for under $100,000 with land, or you could make that Idaho, Nebraska or Kansas. Here it is impossible. What is five sick days? In essence, you have the working poor working sick, serving you that meal or making your bed in a hotel.

I must tell you the picture you put in the middle of the editorial makes Faulconer look like he is smirking. Was that on purpose? He and his buddies will vote down any cost to keep their gazillians. Very discouraged with "America's Finest City," where people rummage through my garbage looking for bottles and cardboard to sell and my own children can't find a place that they can afford in the city to rent, thus living in National City in a graffiti-ridden barrio. Keep Faulconer's feet to the fire!

Dianne Obeso, University Heights

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