Sept. 15 2014 06:51 PM

Our top three picks of San Diego events this week

David Mitchell
David Mitchell
Photo by Paul Stuart

1. A way with worlds 

David Mitchell is the type of internationally adored author whose obsessive fans wear T-shirts touting his books. He's written six novels so far, including number9dream and Cloud Atlas—the non-literary crowd will recognize the latter because the book was turned into a weird-but-intriguing 2012 movie starring Tom Hanks and Halle Berry.

With each new novel, Mitchell's loyal fan base continues to swell, its appetite for his genre-defying brand of literature growing as it follows the author's twisting, enthralling tales that leap in and out of various places and times. His novels are distinctly different, yet related, often including several different narrators whose seemingly separate stories connect as the characters are cleverly woven into one another's worlds—even if those worlds exist in different timelines.

"I don't know of any other author out there who's anything like him," says Seth Marko, the guy behind The Book Catapult, a literary blog and brand that puts on cool, bookish events around town.

Not only do the various narrators in Mitchell's books end up interweaving, Marko says, but, also, characters from past books often make cameos in the newer books, creating an even wider, interconnected, Mitchell-made universe inhabited by all of the author's imaginative worlds.

"He thinks of it as if he's writing this giant über-book over the course of his career," explains Marko, who's teamed up with Warwick's bookstore to bring Mitchell to Sherwood Auditorium at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (700 Prospect St. in La Jolla) at 7 p.m. Monday, Sept. 22. "I mean, come on, that's pretty awesome, right?"

Marko will lead a conversation with Mitchell and then open things up for an audience Q&A. A book signing will follow. The $35 ticket includes a hardcover copy of Mitchell's latest, The Bone Clocks, which Marko says is the buzz book of the season.

2. Savant-garde

San Diego's home to a staggering number of music festivals, at least on a small scale, but the one that harbors the greatest concentration of experimental, modern and abstract sounds is the Carlsbad Music Festival. Happening Friday, Sept. 19, through Sunday, Sept. 21, it'll showcase an array of artists who range from the accessible (Trouble in the Wind) to the avant-garde (Swarmius) to music that fits somewhere in between, like Ogd_S(11) Translation Has Failed. And it just so happens that the majority of them are performing free concerts outdoors throughout Carlsbad Village, though it's worth sticking around for ticketed performances from minimalists Dawn of MIDI and chamber group Art of Élan. Select events are $15 each. Get the full schedule at

Some like it hot

Ever wonder what it would be like to stuff your face full of Sriracha-infused churros? How about donuts laced with the iconic hot sauce? If you want to find out, there'll be plenty of beer to wash down a wide variety flaming-hot edibles at the inaugural San Diego Sriracha Festival. From 3 to 6 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 20, in Point Loma's Liberty Station (2640 Historic Decatur Road), more than a dozen chefs will whip up dishes using the Thai hot sauce, including Brad Lyons of Slater's 50/50 and Joe Kraft of Wow Wow Wow Waffle. There'll be craft cocktails and beer on tap, including Stone, Iron Fist and URBN. Admission to the 21-and-older event is $59.


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