Sept. 16 2014 06:21 PM

Plans are for Records Collecting Dust' to hit the festival circuit

Jason Blackmore (left) and Mike Watt

Folks who wandered into M-Theory Music in the early evening of Sept. 8 were greeted by the aggressive sounds of local band Grand Tarantula and Vermont garage-punks Rough Francis, but it wasn't a typical in-store appearance. Both bands were there to support their friend Jason Blackmore (Death Eyes, Sirhan Sirhan, Molly McGuire, etc.), who was there to promote the trailer release for Records Collecting Dust, a documentary film he's been working on.

The film centers on the vast vinyl collections of big-name indie musicians and features interviews with people like Jello Biafra, Mike Watt and Keith Morris, as well as locals like Justin Pearson, John Reis and Mario Rubalcaba. The dozens of musicians interviewed aren't just talking about how awesome their record collections are; they're also discussing the records that blew their minds and changed their lives forever.

"I had known for some time that I really would like to do a music-related documentary film, but I really didn't have a solid idea," says Blackmore, who's been working on the doc since October 2012 despite not having any formal training in film production. 

"My background in film is, um, that I like films," he says. "No background or education. I figured it's like a band: Don't sit around and talk about it; just do it."

The doc is in post-production, and local punk label Riot House Records will handle distribution. Blackmore says he plans to take the movie out on tour and to festivals, much like he would with one of his bands.

"We have had a good amount of people hit us up for festivals and showings and whatnot," he says. "Let's just say we have options, which is awesome. And look for a San Diego premiere in the near future."

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