Sept. 24 2014 12:14 PM

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Decker's shock-and-awe

I read with great interest and enjoyed Edwin Decker's Aug. 13 "Sordid Tales" column on his colonoscopy. I, too, have had to suffer through that procedure twice in my life to date. I may be of an age where I probably won't have to do that again. Thank God!

You do have a way with words and expressing yourself in a quite dramatic manner. I purchased my Movi-Prep via my mail-order pharmacy, so I didn't have to go through a checkout line like you did. Whew! Keep up your shock-and-awe articles, Ed. I read them all, for they add a bit of levity to my day when I read them.

Lou Cumming, La Jolla

Prisons Getting better at rehab

In your Aug. 20 editorial, you call rehabilitation within California's prison system "a sick joke." That view is unfair and outdated. What you fail to recognize is the significant and ongoing expansion of rehabilitative programming for inmates since the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) dramatically reduced its inmate population.

During the last two years, CDCR has hired hundreds of educators for both academic and vocational instruction who help inmates earn nationally recognized certificates in trades that can earn them a livable wage or better upon release. These trades include auto body repair / painting, computer operating systems, electronics, cosmetology, welding, carpentry and heating, ventilation and air conditioning, just to name a few.

CDCR has also launched more than a dozen "Reentry Hubs" throughout the state where inmates who are close to their release date receive employment and housing support, medical-insurance enrollment, substance-abuse treatment, family reunification and dozens of other services that will help their successful transition back into society.

These new programs have already helped inmates' rehabilitation, even while still incarcerated. That has allowed CDCR to open Enhanced Programming Yards where inmates can take advantage of a violence-free environment to focus on their own rehabilitation and success.

We invite CityBeat to visit any of our prisons to witness these inspiring changes for themselves.

Dana Simas, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

great cover art

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your picking such great artwork for the weekly covers for CityBeat. The Aug. 13 cover—by Gregory Bada—was my favorite, so I dragged my boyfriend to the Art Walk down in Liberty Station to see Greg's work. My boyfriend liked it as much as I did, so he bought it for me. I'm sure Greg thanks you as much as I do. Keep up the great work.

Darlena Del Mar, Solana Beach


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