Oct. 7 2014 05:36 PM

Group features drummer Jake Najor, DJ Greyboy and Delmos Wade

From left: DJ Greyboy, Jake Najor and Delmos Wade

There's a new eclectic funk trio in town—two towns, actually. In August, San Diegans Jake Najor (The Styletones, Rebecca Jade and the Cold Fact) and DJ Greyboy (Greyboy All Stars) launched a new project with Long Beach keyboardist Delmos Wade. The trio are calling themselves Taurus Authority, and they'll perform their first show on Monday, Oct. 13, at House of Blues, opening for Mos Def (who now goes by Yasiin Bey). 

The trio came together only in the last couple of months, but Wade and Greyboy—who recently moved back to San Diego after living in Long Beach—have been collaborating together for five years. The duo decided to expand their repertoire by adding Najor's drumming to their sound.

"Live drums change the whole dynamic of what we're doing," Wade says.

Taurus Authority is, in general terms, a funk group that takes influences from jazz and soul—given the résumé of each member, that shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. In fact, their shared interest in soulful, funky sounds is why Taurus Authority exists.

"That's the reason that we're playing together," Greyboy says. "The common thread between us is that we all gravitate toward the same sounds and music. 

"We didn't really formulate any kind of style; we just play the kind of music we think sounds good and funky," he continues, "something that represents the three of us. Like every other band, there's a lot of experimenting and trial-and-error."

The trio recently recorded some demos, and though they don't yet have any official releases out, they have a 10-song live set list ready to go, including eight originals and two covers. The group's planning to release some music soon, but, for now, they're focusing their energy on making the first show the best it can be.

"We've only been getting together the last couple of months," Najor says. "After our first show, we'll just keep rolling and see what happens."

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