Oct. 8 2014 12:35 PM

A review of Cygnet Theatre's production of Sam Shepard drama tops our coverage of local plays

From left: Antonio TJ Johnson, Francis Gercke and Carla Harting
Photo by Ken Jacques

Those slamming doors you just heard are echoing from the direction of Old Town, where Cygnet Theatre is staging Sam Shepard's 75 minutes of raw tension known as Fool for Love. If rodeo rowdy Eddie (Francis Gercke) isn't slamming behind him the front door of a claustrophobic motel room in the Mojave Desert, then his volatile lover, May (Carla Harting), is slamming the motel bedroom door behind her. Eddie and May are a desperately codependent pair, and as the story unfolds, it will turn out that's the least of their issues.

Cygnet Artistic Director Sean Murray is calling the presentation in rotating repertory of two of Shepard's mythological plays, Fool for Love and True West, the theater's "Shep Rep." (True West will be reviewed next week.) Like another regional theater with a jones for Shepard (Carlsbad's New Village Arts has in recent seasons staged Simpatico and Buried Child), Cygnet is embracing the playwright's dark, simmering leitmotifs, with their frayed families and frequent shots of booze and violence. Fool for Love is archetypical. While Eddie and May do their metaphorical dance of selfdestruction, the spectral presence of an old man (Antonio TJ Johnson) looms in a rocking chair in the corner. The Old Man is their old man, and each can hear him independent of the other when he speaks. Trouble is, they have two different mothers, meaning that lovers Eddie and May are half-siblings. Each tells the truth, as he or she sees it, to Martin (Manny Fernandes), an innocent good guy who arrives to pick up May for a night at the movies. Fool for Love's unseen antagonist is The Countess, whom Eddie evidently has been diddling and who decides to exact revenge in the parking lot— and you thought slamming doors was loud.

Gercke and Harting are worthy adversaries, alternately pathetic and explosive. Gercke's finest moment may be how believably he brings off Eddie's having been kneed in the groin by May—in the middle of a kiss. Talk about pain in your Mojave Desert.

Murray's direction ramps up the mystery and the anxiety, and Fool for Love's silences are so thoughtfully timed that each eruption, slamming door or otherwise, jolts you in the shoulders.

Fool for Love runs through Nov. 2 at the Old Town Theatre. $29-$59. cygnettheatre.com

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The Clean House: In case you missed it at PowPAC in June, it's the story of a woman, her maid who doesn't like cleaning houses and her husband who falls in love with another woman who's dying of cancer. Through Oct. 26 at New Village Arts Theatre in Carlsbad. newvillagearts.org

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Fool for Love: Performed in rotation with True West, Sam Shepard's drama tells the tale of a woman resisting the offer to return to a dysfunctional existence with an old flame. Presented by Cygnet Theatre, it runs through Nov. 2 at the Old Town Theatre. cygnettheatre.com

Les Miserables: In this classic musical, a poor Frenchman spends 19 years in prison after stealing a loaf of bread, only to escape and get caught up in a revolution under an assumed identity. Through Nov. 2 at Lamb's Players Theatre in Coronado. lambsplayers.org

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True West: Performed in rotation with Fool for Love, Sam Shepard's dark comedy is about two formerly estranged brothers—younger Austin, a screenwriter, and older Lee, a thief who horns in on Austin's career. Presented by Cygnet Theatre, it runs through Nov. 2 at the Old Town Theatre. cygnettheatre.com

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