Oct. 15 2014 11:21 AM

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‘Heroic act of journalism'

Kelly Davis' piece on mentally ill criminals [Cover story," Aug. 27] made us cry. We felt this article, so well-written and -researched, sadly informed us regarding the legal (while inferring the moral and spiritual) status of those poor "lost" souls. To succinctly cover this enormous, complicated issue within the confines of two pages was a heroic act of journalism. Thank you.

Julia and Stanley Stanert, Encinitas

Realignment is not working

Regarding your Aug. 20 editorial on prison realignment: Realignment is working if the goal was to continue to lead the nation in incarcerating its citizenship. Recidivism rates are dropping simply because the offenders are not returning to state prisons but are redirected to local jails. County jails are now shouting foul because their jails are bursting at the seams and the money promised to them is slowly being delivered.

Realignment is indeed working if the ultimate goal is, in fact, to increase the capacity, to house a greater number of citizens, by continuing to build or expand on current prison and jail beds throughout the state.

Realignment is so successful by not having to invest in proven alternatives to incarceration, such as long-term treatment programs for alcohol and other drugs, mental healthcare and therapeutic centers, while not investing in communities mostly impacted by high crime and poverty rates and not establishing relationships or engaging communities in a real and empowering way that provides ownership in program design and conception.

So, if AB 109, or realignment, wished to continue with the massive lock-them-up mentality, one must give it a grade of A+. If AB 109 is not producing the results you had hoped for, you need to contact your elected officials and suggest some real proven alternatives to mass incarceration.

The Rev. Dennis Malone, Encanto

Bringin' back the old boys

Regarding your Sept. 3 editorial, "Jerry's war": The idea that San Diego would return to the old boy's rule is so upsetting! The city is being manipulated at the cost of many things. Where are the people, I wonder, whose lives are impacted by this group of rich Republicans? Why aren't they yelling and screaming about what's going on? Are they all listening to Fox News? Drinking the Kool-Aid? Down with Manchester and his cronies!

I hope business as usual with Kevin Faulconer being a puppet to Jerry Sanders' heavies will be seen for what it is. I'm just one person. I remember San Diego in the '60s, with all its scandals, one mayor spending millions of city dollars on the Faberge egg exhibit, and possible mob infiltration of the government in the past. It just doesn't end, does it? Keep up the good work.

Dianne Obeso, University Heights

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