Oct. 21 2014 03:26 PM

Lee Reynold and Zoe Crenshaw give their North Park clothing shop a bohemian vibe

Zoe Crenshaw and Lee Reynolds
Photo by Kinsee Morlan

Zoe Crenshaw and Lee Reynolds might be the youngest-looking, most fashionable grandparents in town. Lucky for San Diego, the married couple's personal Fountain of Youth is no secret; it comes in the shape of their zany little clothing and apparel shop in North Park, Hunt & Gather (2871 University Ave.).

"We're just super-selective about what we put out here," Crenshaw says, thumbing through racks of colorful, vintage clothing, plus a few handmade garments she designed and crafted herself. "It has to be unique and special, not anything you'd find at the mall. Maybe something you'd find in Grandma's closet—deep, deep back in there."

Crenshaw handpicks most all of Hunt & Gather's eccentric inventory. A former denim designer at Bebe and other big-name brands, she has a degree in fashion design and an incredible knack for finding the one flawless 1975 Christian Dior dress amid a mess of smelly old rags.

She scores the best stuff at overlooked thrift stores, often tagging along with Reynolds, a longtime, well-known DJ, on his out-of-town gigs and hitting up spots she thinks have never been picked through by someone with her distinct fashion sense.

More and more, Hunt & Gather is becoming known among Burning Man folks and other festivalgoers as the place to find funky outfits that stand out at the arty, free-spirited affairs. Reynolds even mixes original blends of house and techno music especially for the shop, giving the place its own bohemian party vibe.

The duo just celebrated the shop's five-year anniversary. Crenshaw says people who walk in seem to really appreciate the concept.

"There's backlash against the mall and mass-made products, and more people appreciate old things," she says. "They're well-made. They stand the test of time. Like that sweater there: It looked good 20 years ago, and it'll look good 20 years from now."

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