Oct. 21 2014 03:34 PM

Mick Rossler and Dannielle Cobb foster the rock-music scene in City Heights

Dannielle Cobb and Mick Rossler
Photo by Joshua Emerson Smith

One night several years ago, a previous owner walked into the Til-Two Club (then called Beauty Bar) and laid a series of old black-and-white photographs on the bar. The pictures showed the City Heights watering hole—first established in 1948, located at 4746 El Cajon Blvd.—in its old-time glory. 

In 2010, when Mick Rossler and Dannielle Cobb bought the bar, the couple used the donated pictures to make a replica of the original sign that hung over the entrance, inspiring a new era for the hangout under its former name. Also owner-operators of the iconic Tower Bar around the corner, Rossler and Cobb book and occasionally play music shows at their bars, with Til-Two featuring an intimate stage and dance floor neatly tucked into the rear of the venue. 

Known for supporting up-and-coming musicians, the couple regularly puts up touring bands at their home. 

"We live less than a mile away, so we invite people to come stay with us when they're in town," Cobb said. "We try to help in every way we can, making things affordable for people." 

An incubator for punk bands and others, Til-Two Club balances grit and style while not trying too hard for either. 

"It's just a local bar," Rossler said. Unpretentiously priced, the cocktails don't disappoint, and the on-tap selection draws intelligently from the local craft-beer scene. The bar's style matches the warm disposition of the hardworking duo, who have two children, play in several local bands and for years have lived and invested in an often-neglected neighborhood that has, of late, transformed into a cultural hotspot. 

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